Powerful MDM Solution:AirDroid Business

  • Security & Management

    Enhanced device security management with AirDroid Business. Strengthen your MDM security and protect corporate data from unauthorized access. Stay ahead of the game by having full control.

  • File Management

    All-In-One remote file management for greater productivity. Make sure fast and secure bulk file transfer for Android devices. Make team collaboration and remote device management easier with bulk file transfer capabilities.

  • Remote Access

    The AirDroid Business remote capabilities can be integrated into solutions. Powerful unattended remote access software that simplifies device management for enterprises. The stability and privacy from Black Screen Mode lets you troubleshoot swiftly while protecting corporate privacy.

  • Geofence & Tracking

    Device tracking and monitoring is valuable for any industries. Keep track of your mobile devices with a centralized dashboard. When a device is lost or stolen, you can easily locate it to remotey lock and wipe the data or uninstall apps to prevent further damage. And improve overall efficiency via better route management.

  • Monitor, Alert & Workflow

    Monitor device status, receive actionable alerts, and execute automated tasks. Identify issues and potential risks with an integrated Monitor Dashboard. Receive timely alerts when the system detects abnormal events and execute automated workflows to resolve problems immediately, boosting efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Mobile Application Management

    Hassle-Free mobile app management for Android devices, with Android app management to publish and manage business apps over-the-air with rich rollout options. AirDroid Business Application Management Service (AMS) helps organizations and IT managers monitor Android apps performance on their deployed Android devices at all times through a flexible and centralized interface.

AirDroid Business VS. ManageEngine MDM

Key Features

AirDroid Business

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

Android Support




Ease of Setup


Quality of Support




Usage Information


Ease of Use


Product Direction


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AirDroid Business: Powerful MDM Solutions

  • Compatible with earlier Android 4.4+.
  • The flexibility to manage devices from a web interface, an Android or iOS device, and a desktop app is excellent.
  • Stable remote access and more control capabilities.
  • Various options for device deployment and enrollment, especially providing On-Premises Deployment
  • One of the most affordable and effective software for remote control of Android devices.
  • Easy-to-use MDM with prompt service and support.

Why Choose AirDroid Business?

  • High Performance
  • All-In-One Solution
  • Easy Deployment
  • Customized Brand

Transform the Way You Manage MDM

From fleet device performance, monitoring to supporting your devices, everything can be streamlined and done in a few clicks to save countless hours.

AirDroid Business is ideal for businesses with MDM needs. It enables you to control devices based on your company's policies, manage them efficiently to cut maintenance expenses.

Our powerful MDM solution makes it easy for you to manage and monitor every Android device in the field, simplifying your day-to-day work. So your ROI in mobile transformation can finally be achieved.

Professional Performance Improvement: AirDroid Business

All-In-One Android Device Management Software

Effortless monitoring & provisioning, streamlining your day-to-day management.

Remote troubleshooting without being onsite, giving you the reach and timely support required to remain competitive.

Protect corporate data with mobile device security policies.

Lockdown devices to prevent unnecessary usage.

Keep all your devices up-to-date.

Track & position your mobile workforce.

User-friendly Deployment Plans for Everyone

AirDroid Business offers a variety of easy and efficient deployment options. The Auto Enroll Package and Device Provisioning Templates simplify the whole device binding process.

If your enterprise needs to deploy a large number of the same device model altogether, we recommend using our "Quick Install" service to automate and complete the required settings for installation, binding, and remote access.

Build Trust, Loyalty, and Recognition

The customized brand is important for businesses to distinguish themselves from their peers and competitors and create a unique identity in the market.

By tailoring branding efforts, businesses can improve corporate images and create a strong emotional connection with teamworks.

Additionally, via customized branding, companies can enhance reputation by its distinctive and easily recognizable logo, and help corporate culture.

One MDM Solution to Manage and Monitor Entire Device Assets for Various Industries

  • Transportation

    AirDroid Business offers a simple yet exceptional solution to ensure the Android devices you give to drivers and delivery personnel can have maximum uptime to boost productivity. Know where your vehicles are at all times. Manage and monitor field devices in one place. Remotely support your drivers to minimize downtime. Make it easier for your drivers to use their devices.

  • AirDroid Business in Education

    We provide K12 and higher education a centralized interface to help IT teams control all remote tablets and manage app updates inside and outside the classrooms. Creating safe and interactive e-learning experiences for students, AirDroid Business can limit app, device, and website access, create a distraction-free educational environment for students, and enhance their digital learning experiences.

  • Digital Signage

    Remotely monitor Android digital screens from one view. Start improving internal communication and customer engagement. Easily keep track of unattended and static Android digital signages from a web-based dashboard. Remotely view signage screen and troubleshoot anytime. For service providers or who need to manage signage kiosks and contents for their customers, AirDroid Business offers flexible content display and updates signage apps with ease.

Reviews from Our Clients

My team and I had great success being able to use phones remotely. The online portal was much faster than the desktop application. My team and I were able to remote in to phones and help our travel team with issues and updates.AirDroid added several updates as we were using it that enhanced the experience.Keep it up!

Kristin S.

Airdoird Business helped me monitor multiple mobile devices remotely. Great Experience. The thing I like the most is the ability to remote access the device with no human intervention at the device end. The person at the device end doesn't have to do anything. Airdroid has helped me at both personal and professional levels.Helps me remote access all my phones from any Geo-location. I use multiple applications across different devices. I cannot carry all these devices with me when I travel. AirDroid helps me remote control any phone. Because of the remote control feature, I can use apps on the phones that I have left at home. I have also installed Airdroid Business on my employee devices. My employees operate in different cities. Airdroid makes it easier for me to access their phones for important work and office-related work/files

Anirudh C.


Moving from ManageEngine MDM to another MDM solution is a big decision for any IT team.

Among MDM solutions, AirDroid Business offers a wide range of features for managing and securing Android device fleets, including remote control, device monitoring, app management, geofence and tracking, and more. AirDroid changes how individuals and businesses operate through powerful and competent MDM, remote control, and remote support solutions, researched and developed using over 12 years of knowledge and expertise.

As one of the largest and most trusted software marketplaces across the globe, G2 Crowd reviews are vital in selecting the best B2B solutions for your business. In the recent G2 2021-2022 Grid Reports, AirDroid has been recognized as one of the best MDM solutions out in the market today. Choosing AirDroid Business is not just a product change - it's a paradigm shift in your MDM solution that will bring your business more efficiency, flexibility, and most importantly, security.

People also ask

1. What features can I use to monitor my devices on AirDroid Business?
AirDroid Business provides 8 different templates to monitor your devices from every aspect efficiently. We provide an introduction to each template and if you want to know how these templates can enhance your business operation, please refer to our designated article.
2. What is Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management?
Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management is that MDM solutions keeping data in cloud service platforms and enable companies to secure, monitor, manage, and control mobile devices and the data associated with the devices.
3. What is On-Premises Mobile Device Management?
On-Premises Mobile Device Management is the approach to managing mobile endpoints in a central system and mastering all data in the organization's own server. It takes no difference from MDM solutions but enables the IT administrator to establish robust safeguards for data protection by using the self-hosted deployment method.