AirDroid Business vs Hexnode MDM

Switching an MDM solution is not easy; for example, seeking Hexnode alternatives. You will need to compare software from various aspects and should give priority to security. More, device compatibility, MDM features, and pricing are also concerns.

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AirDroid Business9.
Hexnode MDM9.

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AirDroid Business is Perfect in Android

  • Compatible with older versions of Android OS. Available for Android 4.4+.
  • Able to manage multiple Android endpoints, including mobile and dedicated devices.
  • Stable remote access and more control capabilities.
  • Various options for device deployment and enrollment.
  • A secure MDM solution with more than in Android Device Management & 50K+ downloads in Google Play.

Meet AirDroid Business MDM Capabilities

  • Device Management
  • App Management
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Device Security

  • Deploy devices via different enrollment options. Support Android Enterprise, regular enrollment with package or link, 6 time tap enollment, and USB enrollement.
  • Use policies to configure device settings according to needs. You can set up rules for password, app runtime permissions, network, and other functionalities related to system settings.
  • Create and manage device groups. Allow assigning users to help management.
  • Review various reports for devices, apps, and user activities and monitor.

  • Publish enterprise apps: test and rollout apps based on device groups, types, location, and others.
  • Manage Google Play apps. configure app settings and provision them to devices.
  • Install, uninstall, and update apps remotely.
  • Erase app data and clean cache.

  • Single-app kiosk mode: lock devices into single app.
  • Multi-app kiosk mode: lock devices into multiple apps.
  • Kiosk browser: use built-in incognito mode and allow to auto-clear cache.
  • Cutomize screen layout with enterpise brand.

  • Black Screen Mode: remote troubleshoot devices invisbly and with a customizable screen on devices.
  • Remote access & control: lock device screen, factory reset, and file transfer are available.
  • Geofencing & tracking: track real-time location of the device and get notice.
  • Alerts & workflows: set up trigger conditions and recieve notifications. Allow to take remote actions automatically to handle alerts.
  • Others: monitor users and manage their permissions.

Reasons to Use AirDroid Business

  • Affordable Prices. Available to purchase features based on enterprise needs.

  • Easy to use. A straightforward interface with a lot of built-in functions.

  • Capabilities for remote access and control. Best for Android attended and unattended devices.

  • Responsive customer support. Offer immediate and helpful assistance to solve any problem.

For Different Industries Need

  • Logistics

    Logistics and transportation companies can use AirDroid Business to manage and monitor devices for employees, such as smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, and other Android devices. We support you with GPS tracking, real-time monitoring, and alerts. Also, we have a build-in notification tool to help send messages to drivers immediately.

  • Hospitality

    Whatever restaurants, retail stores, hotels, or waiting lounges of airports and stations, you can see self-service kiosks in those places as well as digital signage. AirDroid Business can be your best device management provider that helps with monitoring, remote accessing, and troubleshooting.

  • Healthcare

    If you're looking for a safe and efficient MDM solution for healthcare, try AirDroid Business. You can make good use of the functionalities like Alerts, Geofencing, AMS(Application Management Service), Camera & Microphone Accessing, File Transfer, and others.

What Our Customers Say?

Joshua D.

Director of Business Intelligence

How easily everything functions. It just works. I've tried so many other MDM solutions and they were clunky, unreliable, and expensive. AirDroid puts our entire mobile device fleet at my finger tips. Their support is very accomodating and they went out of their way with our onboarding process.

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kabilwa S.

Assistant Librarian

The ability to connect more than 100 devices from your PC to your android devices is nothing short of amazing. The fact that a massive number of devices can be controlled remotely is even mind-blowing.

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