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What Does NSA Mean and Why It Matters If Your Child Uses It

Elsa Updated on May 18, 2023 Filed to: Teen Slang

Children and teens growing up today exist in a world that is very different to the one their parents did. As such, being a parent it can be difficult to know what is OK and what should be a concern. This is especially true online, and because kids today are more online than ever, that is a problem.

Texts and chat dominate how younger people interact with each other, and phone conversations can hide a lot. From bullying to thoughts of suicide, grooming and more, there are a lot of potential dangers that may be found within the texts and online history of your child. Of course, for the most part, kids spend their time talking to their friends about music, gossip and so on. That is all harmless, but as parents knowing what they are doing online can really help with your peace of mind.

One issue with that though is that there is an entire sperate vocabulary for online chatting that we don’t always understand. Everyone knows LOL for laughing out loud of course, but there are hundreds of these slang type phrases in use today. 

What Does NSA Mean?

For instance, you might wonder what does NSA stand for if you see it in a text. The NSA meaning most commonly used by teens is not referring to the government agency, but rather No Strings Attached. NSA means having sexual fun with someone without it becoming a relationship. That could be a one-time thing, or something that happens from time to time, but with no relationship between them. 

NSA meaning

Obviously, if you see your kids using the NSA sexual meaning, you will have more questions and concerns. The age of the young person matters here too, but in general it is something a parent will want to talk about. But if you do see your teen discussing NSA sexual meaning, what do you do? Knowing how to approach the subject is a huge challenge, because the last thing you need is to get into an angry discourse that closes down communications, so how can you talk about this?

There are many ways you may see the NSA hookup meaning within a conversation, but examples include:

  • Want to hook up tonight, NSA?
  • I can meet you this weekend for some fun, NSA.
  • I just want something NSA, are you down?

NSA Relationship

What is a "No Strings Attached" relationship? A "No Strings Attached" relationship is one in which there are no special conditions or restrictions on emotional or physical fidelity or support.

Basically, it's a relationship in which two people have a purely physical relationship with each other; there is no emotional connection between them. In other words, a no-strings-attached relationship means that you're sexually intimate, but that is all your relationship is, and you aren't tied to each other in any way.

Talking to Your Kid about NSA Meaning in Chat

Because it involves a plan for sexual activity, the NSA meaning in chat is a high-alert situation for any parent. For any teen it can mean significant problems, and so if you see NSA slang in text to or from a teen, you really need to speak to them about it. There are no set ways to broach the subject, but here are a few things to remember when confronting a teen about these kinds of communications.

Be calm, respectful and clear – Anger will only drive them away or close off communications. Be calm, and also be aware that this is an extremely private matter that you need to talk with them about, embarrassment can be as much an issue as anything for them.

Parents must stick together – Present a united front as parents, set your rule and stick to it together. 

Discuss the issues – Talk to your teen about the emotional and physical consequences of having sex before they are ready.

Focus on their wellbeing – Make sure that the conversation is not about breaking rules, but your concern for them and their safety. That is the important part of the situation.

Concern should not just be about the sexual aspect of this. Remember, anyone can say they are anything online, and if they have never met the person before, there is no real certainty of who it is they are talking to. 

With all this in mind, knowing what your teen is getting up to online can seem essential, and while you may see them using NSA sexually by accident, what if you didn’t? There are ways you can keep an eye on what your teenagers are doing online, and one of the best is AirDroid Parental Control

How Can You Identify If Your Kid Is Using NSA Slang?

Whether looking to see if your teen is using the NSA sexual meaning in a chat or any other warning sign, AirDroid Parental Control gives you the tools to keep them safe. Simple to use, It is a mobile app based monitoring solution that allows you to see exactly what any teen is doing on their phone. 

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

You can view texts and block unsuitable apps, such as games or dating apps for instance too. But more than that, AirDroid Parental Control provides full reporting so you can see what they did, which apps they used and for how long every day. It can be set up to send a notification to your phone when your teen sends a message, so you can keep an eye out for NSA sexually provocative messaging, signs of bullying or messages about suicide and any other danger. 

It does all this without your teen knowing, giving you peace of mind to know your child is safe. Easy to use, just install the app on your devices, open an AirDroid account to ensure a secure connection with your teen’s phone, and that is it.  


If you are wondering about NSA meaning in your teen’s chat, or any other slang, you can quickly keep an eye on everything they are doing through AirDroid. If you do find them wondering what does NSA mean on a dating site, or find someone asking them about NSA sexually, then you really do need to talk about it. With AirDroid to help, you can have confidence that your teen is safe online.

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