Virtual Meeting Rooms: How to Set Up and Run Successful Virtual Meetings?

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Virtual Meeting Room Definition

virtual meeting room is one-of-a-kind platform that enables meeting organizers to build a virtual place for all participants online without regard to a location using various video conferencing software. A Host is required to set up and manage a successful virtual conference, from distributing the meeting code to concluding the meeting.

This post will go through the most common video conferencing software and how to utilize them. Overall, we will go over everything regarding Virtual Meeting Rooms, including their benefits and drawbacks, numerous comparisons, other types of meetings, and so on.

Part 1. When We Need A Virtual Meeting Room?

There are several circumstances where you need to use the Virtual Meeting Room, but here are the three most common practices where we use Virtual Meeting Rooms:

Work from Home

Remote jobs are now preferred in all countries as they are time and cost-saving. When a company hire employees on work from home basis, they need to conduct meetings with their employees online, each being at a different location. Managers use the virtual meeting room, share the room's link with all the employees, and have a virtual meeting just like they are all sitting at a single table.

Online Lectures

With the fastest growing trends in technology, various short courses could lead you to earn a handsome amount, but you need more time to join institutions. The institutions have started online courses for you. You pay them the fees online, and they provide you with a virtual meeting room, either temporary or permanent, for joining the room and taking online classes.

Meetings with Clients

With the help of video conferencing platforms, you can expand your business worldwide and connect with people. You can have detailed discussions and meetings with your clients online using a virtual meeting room instead of buying an airplane ticket and wasting many hours.

Part 2. Our Recommendation: Top 3 Virtual Meeting Platforms & How to set up?

Why did we pick them?

Let's discuss the three tools used worldwide by large organizations for their official meetings. Every organization prefers them because they are the safest tools and never breach users' privacy. 

Top 1. Google Meet

Users of every category use Google Meet. It provides 60 minutes free session for a meeting, which is approximately enough for regular meetings. 

Detailed Steps:

  1. Step 1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Open the Google Calendar and select a date for the meeting. Then click on 'Add Google Meet Video Conferencing' and click 'Join with Google Meet'.

  1. Step 2. Step 2: Allow Access 
  2. Click on Allow Access pop-up to provide Google Meet access to the Camera and Microphone of your PC.

  1. Step 3. Step 3: Add Participants
  2. Click on Join Now option and then a meeting will start. Click on Add people to add all the people you want in the meeting. In this way, you will be able to Host a meeting.

Top 2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another video conferencing platform for virtual meetings. It provides 30 minutes free video session with the team.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Step 1. Download Microsoft Teams
  2. Download Microsoft Teams on your PC or mobile and log in with your email account.
  1. Step 2. Click on Join or Create a Team
  2. On the interface, click on the Teams tab from the extreme left corner and click on Join or Create a Team from the top right corner.

  1. Step 3. Add Teams group details
  2. Click Create Team and select the type of room you want to create. Also, mention the name and description of the group.

  1. Step 4. Add Participants
  2. Your Room is ready to share files and other data. Add the participants, and you are good to go with your Meeting.

Top 3. GoToMeeting

Go to Meeting is a popular screen-sharing, online Meeting and video conferencing platform. You can try free and also buy its premium services.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Step 1. Open GoToMeeting 
  2. Open GoToMeeting on your PC or laptop and click on Try Free to use it for 14 days as a trial.

  1. Step 2. Sign Up
  2. Sign Up with your details. Set a strong password that fulfils all their requirements.

  1. Step 3. Join a Meeting
  2. The interface will open where you can start a new meeting or enter the I.D or link of a room and join it.

Part 3. The Factors need to be Considered When Choosing a Virtual Meeting Room Platform

Here are the five most important factors to consider while selecting a virtual meeting room:

  • Recording Option
  • To select a platform for online meetings, you must ensure it supports the screen recording feature. There are many things in a meeting that you need to remember, and you cannot ask to have a meeting again to recall things. So, the best way is to record the video of the meeting and listen to it again whenever needed.

  • Security
  • Whatever virtual meeting room platform you choose, it must be fully secure. Security concerns are any organization's prior issues while selecting an online tool. For this purpose, you must prefer the platforms well-known developers provide just as 'Google Meet' developed by Google. You can rely on it as far as security is concerned.

  • Easy to Access
  • The platform you choose for virtual meetings must be easily accessible to people from all over the world. If the tool is area specific, you must avoid it as you may need help connecting to your clients worldwide. It should also be easy to use by new users with any technical training.

  • Pricing
  • Pricing is another important factor that impacts a lot in choosing the right platform. Most widely used platforms provide a limited period of free sessions. If you only need a meeting room for that specific time, use a free platform like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., and hold a session.

  • Screen Sharing and Controlling
  • Screen sharing is an essential feature of great importance while using a virtual room for meetings. There are several cases where you need to share the screen with other audiences. So, choose a platform that provides screen sharing and controlling features.

Part 4. How to Run a Successful Virtual Meeting?

To run a successful virtual meeting, you must be well-prepared for everything that needs to be presented or discussed. Before starting a meeting, you need to consider the following.

1Prepare & Testing Equipment

Use must be damn sure about which platform you will choose and how to use it. You must have a computer or mobile phone which supports that specific platform. Prepare and get ready all the necessary documents that you need during the meeting. Standing repeatedly and looking for documents during a meeting is unprofessional.

2Set an Agenda

You should be clear about the meeting's purpose and note down all the points that need to be discussed. You must fully grasp your topic and be confident about what you will convey. Also, inform the other members about the meeting agenda by any medium so they can prepare for it.

3Check Internet Connection

One common issue during a virtual meeting is losing an internet connection. You must check the availability of the internet before joining a meeting. Also, check the internet speed to get uninterrupted video during the meeting. 

4Keep Control over Your Corporate Data

Data security is very important. You must grip the platform to manage the data easily. For example, instead of sharing a specific Window, if you share your whole screen, it would lead to damage to your data. Keep the data safe and share only the relevant things with others.

Part 5. Want to Show A Demo of Mobile Phone Software in the Virtual Meeting Room?

If you want to share your mobile screen while in a virtual meeting room on your PC or laptop, you must use the AirDroid Cast App. It enables you to share your mobile screen on a PC using various mediums.

  1. Step 1. Download AirDroid Cast App
  2. Download the App on your mobile and PC and log in with your AirDroid Cast account.
  1. Step 2. Select a connection way
  2. AirDroid Cast lets you connect your phone and your PC in 3 different ways. You can connect your mobile to your PC through Wireless Network, using a USB cable or via Airplay if you are iOS device’s user. So you can choose the one that is convenient for you.

  1. Step 3. Enable screen mirroring
  2. Scan the code if asked on your mobile that will appear on the PC. Then allow access from both devices to start screen sharing.

  1. Step 4. Share your device’s screen in the Virtual Meeting
  2. You will get your mobile screen on the PC. Now, open Google Meet or another platform and share your PC screen entirely or a specific Window to display your mobile screen to the participants.

Part 6. Pros and Cons of Virtual Meetings


  • Cost and Time Saving:
    Virtual meetings save a lot of time and cost of travelling and organizing lunch or dinner for the team.
  • Data Sharing:
    We all know that sharing data on digital grounds saves costs and time. There is no need to have copies of the document you want to share with your team.
  • No Delay:
    All the team members can join the meeting at exactly the set time.


  • Lack of face-to-face communication:
    Undoubtedly, you can never replace the impact of face-to-face communication with online communication.
  • Emotional Relations:
    The use of gestures and the showing of emotions to convey your thoughts is difficult without physical meetings.

Part 7. What You Need to Know about Meetings

Virtual Meetings vs In-person Meetings

Virtual meetings do not require a physical appearance, while in-person meeting needs a specific place and the physical existence of every member who is bound to attend the meeting. Both kinds have their worth, but the in-person meeting is more effective as you can see the body language and emotions of the team members more clearly when you are in front of them. Conversely, virtual meetings are the quick and fastest way of meetings that also saves cost and time.

One-Time Virtual Meeting Rooms vs Permanent Virtual Meeting Rooms

When virtual meetings are to be held in rare cases, and after months, the one-time meeting is preferred. But if you need to have meetings daily, you must prefer permanent meeting rooms as it will save time in sharing the code with everyone daily. Once you share the code, everyone will join the room daily with that code. For example, if you are going to start an online training course, you must prefer a permanent virtual meeting room as everyone has to join the class regularly.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle Rooms are small rooms organized in a company to hold meetings and are equipped with audio and video capabilities. Usually, the size of hurdle rooms in offices is 10x10ft or 12x12ft. You can manage daily meetings in huddle rooms; no time is required to manage things. Go and sit on the chairs to start the meeting. It also gives a professional look to the office, and you can collaborate with the remote workers there. It is also an inexpensive way to manage the budget for renting someplace each time you want to organize a meeting.

Conference Rooms

Unlike hurdles, conference rooms are large for official meetings and training sessions. The board meetings, large events of the organizations, and major decisions are held in conference rooms. It mostly involves a person speaking and other people listening to him silently, but there could be many other ways to utilize a conference room. Large companies mostly hold conference rooms. Smaller companies have little space for conference rooms, so they prefer a huddle for their meetings and small events.

Business to Business vs Person to Person

Virtual or physical meetings held between two business companies to benefit each other are called business-to-business meetings. Contrary to it, if two individuals have a meeting for any purpose, it is called person to person. Mostly business to business meetings involves teams from both parties to a meeting, and they discuss their concerns in detail.   

Part 8. Learn More about Virtual Meetings

Q1. How to Select the Right Online Meeting Software?
When selecting an online meeting software, you must confirm it is a secure platform and has all the basic facilities that online meeting software must possess, like audio conferencing, screen sharing, web conferencing etc.
Q2. What is the Best Platform for Virtual Meetings?
Google meet is the best platform for virtual meetings as it supports 60 minutes free meeting sessions after every 24 hours with 100 participants. It is also secure and provides all the basic facilities.
Q3. How to Manage Your Documents in a Virtual Meeting Room?
Open the documents in Google docs or spreadsheet using Chrome browser and then open Google Meet for a meeting. Share the documents simply by chat, or if you don't want them to use it, then share your screen with everyone and show them to everyone for a while. 
Q4. How Do You Join A Virtual Meeting?
To join a virtual meeting, open the official page of the video conferencing platform or download the application on your device. Then click on join a meeting and add the participants to start the meeting.

Part 9. Final Verdict

This article discusses virtual conference rooms, their significance, and the various platforms' capabilities. Screen sharing, screen recording, and online meetings are all typical capabilities of video conferencing services. We also addressed the significance of virtual and real encounters. There are several generic terminologies relating to meetings, and we have clarified the essential notions of what they are.

We also explained how to effectively share a mobile screen from a PC with conference attendees using Zoom, Google Meet, or any other video conferencing tool. This article also discusses the important factors to remember before attending a professional meeting.

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