[Easy Guide] How to Use Google Messages on Your PC in 2022 ?

Google Messages is the instant Messages app for the Android operating system, which is presented as the Android version of iMessage, Apple's iOS Messages service, and as an alternative to WhatsApp. In this guide, I will show you how to use Google Messages on your PC using AirDroid Cast or other possible ways.

1 Google Messages:Everything you need to know

What is Google Messages?

Google Messages is an app that allows you to manage the sending and receiving of SMS, those that are sent through the network operator or SIM card, with a more user-friendly interface and many functions that improve and facilitate communication. 

Features of Google Messages:

  • Archive conversations;
  • Add people to group conversations;
  • See when other users are typing;
  • Communicate that the messages have been read;
  • Set the dark theme (only for Android 10 and later); 
  • Share photos;
  • Google Messages uses TLS encryption to protect privacy;

How to activate the chat features?

You can manually activate the chat features on the smartphone in the section

At the first use, it will require access to contacts and management of multimedia files. Set up Google Messages app - Menu - Settings - Chat functionality.

If you do not have a data connection, or if the recipient is not online, you can still send the messages as SMS by changing the default settings in Menu - Settings - Chat Features - Send messages again. 

At this point, you can choose from the following options:

  • Always send again as SMS / MMS;
  • Resend as SMS / MMS when not roaming;
  • Ask before sending again;
  • Never send again as SMS / MMS;
  • How to understand how messages are sent?

    If "Chat message" is read on the message bar, the message is sent via RCS, using the Google chat features or via the operator's RCS service.

    On the other hand, If "SMS" appears on the message bar, the message is sent by the operator in the form of an SMS or even MMS. The conversations, therefore, have the wording "SMS" or "MMS" under the sending icon and are subject to a fee depending on your tariff plan.

    2 Use Google Messages for Web

    Google has added web access capability to its Google Messages app, which means you can now monitor and send SMS from Messages using your Desktop. The new feature is compatible with various web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and works as WhatsApp for web service.

    The following are the steps of using Google Messages for Web:

    Step 1: Update your Google Messages app to the latest version from the Google Play Store. 

    Step 2: Open the Google Messages app and tap on the three dots at the top right corner to draw the options menu. Select Messages for Web from the list and tap “Scan QR code.”

    Step 3: Go to your preferred PC web browser and open the web interface.

    Step 4: Scan the QR code displayed on the screen using your phone, and you are ready to go.

    3 Use Google Messages on Computer without Limitation - AirDroid Cast

    If you want to use Google Messages Desktop without limitations, the best option is AirDroid Cast. It is a software that allows you to control and share screens between different systems and devices. In this way, you will be able to share the iOS or Android screen with Windows PC and Mac.

    In addition, AirDroid Cast allows you to control your iOS or Android devices from the PC itself, something that can be useful since the PC interface is usually quite more comfortable to interact with. So you can Sync Your Google Messages with your PC using AirDroid Cast. The following are the steps of sharing screen from mobile to PC with AirDroid Cast.

    Step 1. Download and install Airdroid Cast app
    Download and install the AirDroid Cast app for free from the official AirDroid Cast website onto your phone and your PC.
    Step 2. Choose the connection way
    Open AirDroid Cast. Click on the user icon and go to "Log in" with your created account, you will see that you have three options for screen sharing. I will focus on the WLAN method as an example.

    WLAN:You will need to enter the cast code shared on your PC to your Android device. Also the QR code can be scanned to register a connection between your devices.

    AirPlay: If you are a user of iPhone, you can choose this wireless way to screen mirroring. Your PC will become an AirPlay receiver for screen sharing on iOS and macOS systems.

    Cable: You need a compatible USB cable to connection.Click the Cable tab on your PC screen and select your device under Available Devices.

    Step 3. Start Screen Mirroring
    You have different options to use while you share the screen on the left side. Activate or deactivate the "Sound of the multimedia device," "Microphone," "Rotate screen," or "Activate control." Now you can use Google Messages on a computer without any limitations and enjoy all the features of the AirDroid Cast app.

    Note : For this last option, you need to install an additional plugin that will allow you to control your phone from the PC. You will need to have contracted the "Transmit and control" plan. If you want to install this control complement, click on the "Activate control" option and install "AirDroid Control Add-on” from Google Play.

    2 What Google Messages for Web Can and Can’t Do?

    The Google Messages on the web allow you to access all elements of the mobile phone app on your desktop browser. In Messages for the Web, you can only share text messages, emojis, stickers, and attach images, GIFs, videos and audios.

    On a PC, it is more convenient to type the text of the message, especially if you need to insert information such as a phone number, order number, address, etc. The computer and phone communicate via the Internet, so an Internet connection is required to read or send SMS.

    What this version does not currently allow is to attach audio notes, share your location, or use its new GIF search engine. You have to have the GIFs downloaded to your PC. You also cannot block contacts from the web version.

    2 Final Verdict

    I hope you enjoy this guide on how to use Google Messages on your PC. Here, I have discuss two options. But the web version of Android Messages is somewhat limited. It does not have all the features of its application. So, if you want to use Google messages on your laptop, the best option I recommend is AirDroid Cast.

    AirDroid Cast allows you to transmit the content of one of your mobile devices to another, such as a PC. This app allows compatibility between Android and iPhone mobiles and Windows and Mac computers. So I strongly recommend it to you for this purpose.

    FAQs about Google Messages

    How to sync your Google Messages with PC?
    There are two options to sync your Google Messages app with your PC. This first one is via a Web client. The user only has to go to the Google Messages web. Scan QR Code with the smartphone's Android Messages application. And the second option is via the AirDroid Cast app. It allows you to sync your Google Messages with your PC.
    How do I enable RCS chat features in Google Messages?
    You can manually activate the RCS chat features in Google Messages on the mobile in the section, Menu - Settings - Chat functionality.
    Why would people use Google's Messages app rather than Facebook's?

    Google Messages is an official application to send messages and chat from Google for your Android devices. It is also known as the WhatsApp of the operators due to the support of the enriched messages RCS.

    I think people use Google Messages apps rather than Facebook because it can be used on mobile, PC, and Mac because it is based on a simple web browser and handles both SMS, MMS, and RCS. But on Facebook, you need to have a FB account, and you can only chat or call with your own FB friend.

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