How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV?

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Q: Can I Screen Mirror from iPhone to Samsung TV?

YES! You can mirror content from your iPhone to your Samsung TV through Airplay. Most Samsung TV models from 2018 or later are compatible with the current version of AirPlay called AirPlay 2.

If your Samsung TV isn't AirPlay 2-compatible, or if you have a thing for wired connections, you can mirror your iPhone to your Samsung TV with a lightning-to-HDMI adapter or using a third-party app. This article provides instructions for both wired and wireless options.


1Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV

In this section, you will get to know how to screen mirror iPhone to Samsung TV. Some popular methods such as AirDroid Cast Web, AirPlay, AirBeamTV, and Lighting Digital AV Adaptor are discussed.

1. AirDroid Cast Web (Wirelessly)

AirDriod Cast Web works without cable. If you want to screen mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV wirelessly, you can use the Airdroid Cast Web. It is an online screen-sharing website that you can use to project your device screen; Android, iOS, tablet, PC/Mac to any browser across multi-platforms. This web browser provides a better work experience.

  1. Visit AirDroid Cast's official website to install the AirDroid Cast App on your iPhone. You can click download button below directly.

  2. After installation, open a web browser on your Samsung TV and go to

  3. Use your iPhone to scan the QR code or enter the Cast Code displayed on the webcast browser.

  4. AirDroid Cast Web overview

  5. After a successful connection, your device content will be shown on the browser instantly. Now you can enjoy your video on Samsung TV.

  6. airdroid cast web

Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV

AirDroid Cast Web offers a convenient and instant solution for anyone looking to cast their device on browser. With this tool, you don't need to buy any separate devices or adapters - simply open AirDroid Cast Web on your received device and start mirroring your iPhone screen instantly.


  • As it’s a web, it does not require any installation.
  • You can use it anywhere anytime, at home, office, or on the go.
  • It does not require any wire like other methods.
  • You can cast to any web browser in any scenario.

2. AirPlay (AirPlay 2 compatible Samsung TVs)

Screen mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV is also possible through Airplay 2. Airplay 2 is a wireless connectivity option available from Apple that can connect with both iOS and Android devices.

With Airplay 2, you can stream music to multiple audio devices all at the same time. Airplay 2 compatible Samsung TVs have built-in Airplay 2, which means you can play movies and shows on your Samsung Smart TV right from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac without an Apple TV.

airplay to tv

Follow the given steps:

  1. Connect both devices to the same network.

  2. Open any file of choice on your iPhone.

  3. Click the share button and choose the Airplay icon.

  4. On the available devices list on your Samsung TV.

  5. iPhone screen will display on Samsung TV.

3. AirBeamTV

If you own an iPhone or iPad, AirBeamTV is the perfect app for screen mirroring. With full compatibility with Samsung TVs, the app lets you cast your phone or tablet screen to your TV over your Wi-Fi network effortlessly.

So whether you want to stream videos or use apps like TikTok or Facebook on your iPhone or iPad, you can do so on the big screen for a better experience. Once you download the app, you can start wirelessly mirroring your iPhone or iPad screen to your TV. No extra hardware is required.

  1. Download the AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring app.

  2. Open the AirBeamTV app on your iPhone.

  3. In the dropdown menu, a list of available devices will be visible. Choose your Samsung TV.

  4. Tap “Start Broadcasting”.

  5. Your iPhone screen will display on your Samsung TV.

4. Lighting Digital AV Adaptor

You can use an HDMI cable and Lightning-to-HDMI adapter to screen mirror your iPhone to your Samsung TV. This is a great option if you find it easier to use a wired connection, or if your devices aren't compatible with AirPlay.

The Lightning-to-HDMI adapter is an iPhone dongle that allows you to connect your phone to an HDMI cable, which in turn connects to your TV. The adapter usually costs about but you will also need to buy an HDMI cable if you don't have one already.

Here is how to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV with Lighting Digital AV Adaptor.

  1. First, connect the Lightning end of the cable to your iPhone.

  2. Then, take the other end of the HDMI cable and plug it into the adapter.

  3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your Samsung TV.

  4. Switch the input of the television to the corresponding HDMI channel.

  5. Then, begin playing the desired media on your phone.

2 Mirror Screen to Samsung TV

Samsung TV screen mirroring is a great way to enjoy content from your phone on a bigger screen. In this section, learn how to connect your phone and computer or Mac screen to a Samsung TV for the ultimate viewing experience.

Mirror Android Screen to Samsung TV

SmartView is an application made by Samsung that allows you to connect your Samsung TV with other compatible devices. You can use it to mirror your Android screen onto your television for free.

Smart View is an app that allows you to watch content stored on your mobile and PC devices on your Samsung Smart TV. It also lets you control the TV with your mobile device. Simply download the app onto your iPhone and follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Connect Android iPhone and Samsung TV to the same Wi-Fi.

  2. Launch the SmartView app on your Android phone. Select your Samsung TV on the list of devices that appears.

  3. A code will be sent to be entered on the Samsung TV.

  4. After putting the code, your Android phone will be screen mirrored to your Samsung TV.

Mirror Windows/Mac to Samsung TV

If your TV doesn't support AirPlay, or if you don't want to use cables or extra hardware, you can use a third-party app like MirrorMeister. MirrorMeister not only allows you to mirror your MacBook to a Samsung TV, but it also works with other modern Smart TVs, and streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Download and installed MirrorMeister app on your computer.

  2. Connect both devices to the same network.

  3. Launch MirrorMeister and complete the processing steps.

  4. Choose your Samsung Smart TV from the available devices list.

  5. Tap "Start Mirroring".

  6. Your computer or Mac screen will be mirrored to Samsung TV.

3 Mirror iPhone to Any Popular TVs

In this section, you will get to know how to mirror iPhone to popular TVs like Roku, LG TV, and Vizio TV.

Mirror iPhone to Roku TV

Roku devices now support AirPlay. That means certain 4K Roku models can now receive a mirrored display from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Screen mirroring lets you share anything that's on your iPhone's screen directly with your TV.

Here’s how to mirror your iPhone to a Roku device:

  1. Visit the “Control Center” on your iPhone.

  2. Press the “Screen Mirroring button”.

  3. Select your Roku device from the pop-up list.

  4. Enter the code that appears on your TV into your iPhone.

  5. Finally, press “OK” to finish.

Mirror iPhone to LG TV

If you have an LG TV, you can mirror your iPhone to it with the help of the LG Smart TV app. The LG Smart TV app allows you to wirelessly connect your iPhone or iPad to your LG TV, so you can easily enjoy anything on your TV screen.

This includes movies, photos, live streams, news, and more. With this app, there is no need for wires or additional hardware. Here is how to do it:

  1. Download the Mirror for LG Smart TV app onto your iPhone.

  2. Then, launch the app and search for your LG TV.

  3. Select your TV from the available list.

  4. Tap "Start Mirroring".

  5. Next, select "Mirror LG TV" and "Start Broadcast”.

  6. The iPhone screen will be displayed on the TV.

Mirror iPhone to Vizio TV

You can mirror your iPhone screen to your Vizio smart TV by using the Vizio Cast Mobile app. This kind of apps also allow you to control your entire entertainment experience with your mobile device. You can browse and discover movies, music, TV shows, live streams, and more across multiple apps at once. Here is how to connect it.

  1. Download the app on your iPhone from the App Store.

  2. Now launch the app. The app will automatically search available devices.

  3. Select your Vizio TV from the list.

  4. Tap Pair on the Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up.

  5. Your iPhone's contents will be displayed on your Vizio TV.

4 How to Check If My Samsung TV Supports AirPlay?

Before you can set up screen mirroring on your Samsung TV, you need to make sure that it's compatible with the feature. Most smart TVs will let you connect your iPhone, but not all of them will allow you to mirror your screen. To mirror your screen, you need to make sure your Samsung TV supports AirPlay.

You can check this by searching for your TV model number online and seeing if it's AirPlay compatible. Alternatively, you can press the 'Source' button on your Samsung TV remote and see if there's a screen mirroring option available. If you don't see this option, it means that your TV isn't compatible with the feature.

5 How Can I Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV for Free?

You can screen mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV for free by using the in-built Airplay feature. Most Samsung TVs have Airplay 2 which enables you to mirror iOS devices onto them. However, if your TV does not have inbuilt Airplay then you can use other methods.

One of the common methods used for screen mirroring from iPhone to Samsung TV is using a USB cable. A data cable offers a reliable connection but it has a limited range.

screen mirroring iphone to samsung tv

Also, you can use any third-party software. Airdroid Cast Web is the most convenient and free solution when both your deivices are under the same Wi-Fi network. Just by visiting its website and scanning the code, you can easily connect to your desired TV.

Note : No extra hardware or cables are required. You can use AirDroid Cast web version from any place to any web browser in any scenario.

6 Bottom Line

Screen mirroring your iPhone to your Samsung TV is great for when you want to stream content right from your iPhone. In the article, we look at different ways to mirror an iPhone screen onto a Samsung TV. The options we analyze include using Airplay, AirBeamTV, the Lighting Digital AV Adaptor, and AirDroid Cast Web. Out of all these options, we conclude that AirDroid Cast Web is the best option. It's very convenient, widely available, and doesn't lag.

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