How to Download Facebook Messanger for PC in 2022?

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Facebook Messenger is one of the best tools for communication. But if you are handling a business or providing services it's not easy to communicate with all clients and reply to their queries on the Messenger mobile app.

Because business man's or service providing companies use PC for dealing all work, it would be best to use Messenger PC too. In a busy routine, it's hard to check Facebook Messenger on the phone every time.

In this article, we enlisted four different methods to download Facebook Messenger for PC.

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1 Messenger App for Desktop

The Messenger app for Desktop is free of cost tool that is specially introduced and designed for PC and Mac users. This application is best for sending and receiving an instant message from PC to other devices.

It not only allows you to send messages but also includes different helpful advanced features like live chats, video calls, sharing pictures and videos, emojis, stickers،, quick sync, money transfer, vanishes mode, etc.

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Additionally, the Messenger app for Desktop supports different languages, so it's easy to use it globally. Additionally, desktop users don't miss any notifications even they are doing video calls or chatting. Here are some easy steps to download Facebook Messenger for Windows 10.

  1. Go to your desktop, turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to the internet.
  2. Tap on the Window icon, and go to Microsoft store.
  3. Type Messenger in the search bar, click on Messenger app, and tap on get.
  4. Now Messenger app starts downloading; after successful downloading, click on launch it.
  5. You will see your Messenger application icon on PC taskbar, click on it.
  6. Here you will two options sign in with Facebook or sign in with phone or Email.
  7. Now you can use the Messenger app on Desktop.

Note : Messenger for desktop recently is only available for Windows 10.

2 AirDroid Cast: Mirroring & Controlling Messenger for Computer

What AirDroid Cast Can Help?

AirDroid Cast is an easy-to-use and powerful screen sharing as well as controlling tool. AirDroid Cast helps effectively to control iOS or Android devices on a PC. It helps the user to use or see anything from their phone on PC.

Users can not only access Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and other applications, but also send and receive messages and make phone calls. The best thing about the AirDroid Cast is that it allows the user to cast up to 5 devices at a time.

How to Set Up AirDroid Cast to Use Facebook Messenger PC?

There are different casing options for Android and iOS phones. Here are easy steps to follow:

Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Cast on your mobile phone and your computer. You can get it from its official website or click “Try It Free” button below.

Step 2. Open AirDroid Cast desktop, there are 3 connection methods that you can choose.


Open the AirDroid Cast application on your Android/iOS device; now scan code from Windows PC or note code from and add it to your AirDroid Cast application. Tap on "start casting.

Then a casting request will appear on your PC. Tap on Allow option to grant permission.

2. USB cable

Connect your Android/iOS phone and Windows PC with a USB cable. Select your device, and click on the trust option on windows PC to give permission.

3. Airplay

On your iPhone device, go to the Control Center, tap on screen mirroring and choose “AirDroid Cast -xxx” for casting. Now both your devices are connected.

Step 3. When you finish connection, your screen will be visible on PC. Now tap on the control button, follow the instruction to finish some setting, and you can start your phone and use Messenger for computer.

Why Choose AirDroid Cast?

It is the safest application that will not share your private information. Additionally, it offers multiple casting options; you can cast with any method and remotely cast and control your device with the WLAN method. Moreover, if you have an internet speed issue, you can still cast your device to PC and use Facebook Messenger on PC with the USB option of AirdDoid Cast.

3 Messenger Official Website

People can view and send messages via the Messenger's official website without installing the Messenger application on PC. Most of the time, people don't want to install Messenger applications due to storage or other issues.

So they directly use Messenger's official website for checking messages. Additionally, there are different unique options like emoji’s, stickers, and GIFs, but this method has some limitations. But still, people are using Messenger's official website for using Messenger services.

Follow these mentioned steps.

  1. Go to your PC's browser.
  2. Visit the website
  3. Log in using your Facebook credentials.
  4. You can now use Messenger to send and receive messages.

4 Android Emulator – BlueStacks

Android emulators like bluestack also help you to finish Messenger download for PC. If you want to download Facebook on your Mac or windows, then you will have to install bluestacks Android apps on PC.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. After installation, double tap on its icon.
  3. Create an account within bluestacks.
  4. Tap on the “my apps” button.
  5. Now search for Messenger app, click on it and install it.
  6. Login to Messenger with a phone or Email and password.
  7. Now successfully you can use Messenger on PC.

5 Can I Open Messenger without Facebook App?

Yes, you can open Messenger without Facebook App easily on PC. In order to open Messenger without installing the Facebook application, install the Messenger app for desktop or directly visit the official website of the Messenger. By using both these methods, you can use Messenger without installing the Facebook application on your PC.

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6 You Must Know - Messenger App Reviews

The reviews about the Messenger app are mixed, the mobile version Messenger application has positive reviews, and its rating is 4.2/5; the majority of people are happy with the mobile version of the Messenger app, few have some issues, such as bugs, crashing, not working, video call quality is not good.

But the PC or Desktop version of the Messenger application has negative reviews. It seems they are not happy with the Messenger app for desktops. Its overall rating is 2/5. According to users' reviews it’s not working properly, crashing, features are not working properly, disturbance in audio and video calls, etc.

In short, the Messenger app for Desktop users' reviews shows that they are not happy with the Desktop version of Messenger.

7 Messenger vs. Messenger Kids

Messenger is a messaging application for adults, users above 18 are legally allowed to use Messenger. But the Messenger kids is specially designed for kids below 13, and it is safe for them, and parents can fully control Messenger kids.

Kids can start a conversation with friends and family and can also share pictures, videos, and GIFS safely. The parents are allowed to do basic to the advanced setting of their kid's Messenger kids. They can keep eye on Messenger Kids activity.

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8 You May Want to Know about Messenger PC

How is the Facebook Messenger app different from using Facebook directly?
There are some differences between the Facebook Messenger app and Facebook directly. You can do something extra with Facebook Messenger, such as you can get instant notification on the Messenger app, you don't need to log in every time, and the application save your login details. But the direct Facebook does not get notifications on time. Facebook direct have limited features too.
How do I access the Facebook messages without the Messenger app?
It is simple and easy to access Facebook Messages without the Messenger app by visiting the official Messenger application.
Is the Facebook Messenger app really safe?
No, it is not 100 percent safe and secure. Because its only secret conversation is end-to-end encrypted, but a normal conversation has no encryption system, the normal conversation on Messenger is not secure. Different spying applications can easily access your messages on Messenger application.

9 Conclusion

There are 4 different methods for using Messanger PC, such as an Android emulator and Messenger Direct official website. But these methods are limited, AirDroid Cast is the finest application for using Messenger on the desktop by controlling mobiles on PC. This application is safe and easy to use. If you think using the Messenger app for mobile is not convenient for you when you are at work, you can try it and enjoy a better experience.

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