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[2023] How to Make A Sales Presentation?

Elsa Updated on Jan 6, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

A sales presentation is the beginning of the selling process and is of utmost significance. After a successful sales presentation, a business moves to the proposal, quote, or order stage, which generates revenue and profits. In addition to the data of a sales presentation, its representation is one of the most significant factors in attracting prospects.

The article lists a few ways to help you make your sales pitch presentation successful. Moreover, the article introduces an advanced method- AirDroid Cast to present your work more clearly and attractively to the audience.

Part 1: What Is A Sales Presentation?

Sales presentations are events where a company representative meets with potential customers to demonstrate the company's products and services. The purpose of a sales presentation is to persuade prospects or existing customers to make a purchase.

To engage customers, the company representative should create a tailored pitch promoting the company's reputation. Not every sales presentation aims to close a deal right away. Sometimes, the goal is to grab the parties' attention. It is essential to establish the general message that you wish to convey through the presentation. After the sales presentation, the representative also answers questions, often for marketing purposes.

Part 2: What Should A Sales Presentation Include?

A good sales presentation doesn’t simply describe a product or service but draws attention to the features that can solve the customer’s problems. A successful sales pitch presentation should include the following parts:

A Stellar Cover Slide

The first slide of a sales presentation reflects the basic idea of the company's stance and industry. With a perfectly designed cover slide, your audience will get it instantly. Visual data can attract an audience 50% more than written material. Make sure to add an image at the start to boost your pitch.

A Value Proposition

One of the most important aspects of a good sales presentation is a clear image of the company’s services and products. Showcase your products clearly and specify the pros of using your services and products. Explain why your customers should choose you and don’t forget to mention the benefits of choosing you over competitors.

    Here you can use the "VP" formula:

  • [Company name]
  • helps [prospects]
  • with [services & products]
  • so you can [benefits].

A Powerful Story

A successful presentation includes the Company’s story. To increase the likeability of your presentation, present your story and team. Make sure to include the reason for starting your company and product. Informing your audience about your vision and motivation to start this business will intrigue them.

Enticing Solutions

Discuss the problem, you provide the solution to. Move stepwise to the solutions and their benefits that your customers want. How to list your solutions:

  1. Don't offer too many options
  2. Explain outcomes
  3. Make it easy to understand
  4. Explain your product’s value with relevant sales presentation examples.


Adding proof of your success story is a great way to earn the trust of your audience. To do so, you can:

  • Add testimonials: Highlighting your old client’s review is a great way to add credibility to your company. Furthermore, add the clients’ pictures to enhance your reliability.
  • Share research data:Add expert quotes and research that tie to the benefits of your product.
  • Compare your products vs. competitors: Explain with your benefits how you stand out over your competitors.

A Clear Call-to-Action

Enhance your sales pitch by adding an enticing call-to-action such as starting a free trial, and choosing us for (benefits).

Part 3: How to Make Preparations for A Personalized or Tailored Presentation

Presenting your data in predesigned templates can be tempting. To enhance your target audience, it is suggested to customize your presentation. Prospects are more interested in buying products that are tailored to their specific needs.

1. Target the Client's interests and Pain Points

Do proper research and find the pain points of customers. Close the deal and remind the clients that pain can cost them how much money, time, and effort. The longer they don’t take a decision, the more it will cost them.

2. Walk the Walk

Demonstrate how your company can meet customers’ concerns. Don’t just tell them what you can do for them, show it with facts, figures, and success stories.

3. Listen, Feel and Just Talk

The majority of people believe in evidence and logic and some trust in feelings and intuition. Target each type of audience and paint a clear picture of how you can accomplish their needs. Show data and sales presentation examples of what you have done for others, it will build credibility.

Part4: A Successful Demo: Figure out How to Promote Your Product Perfectly

Use A Screen Mirroring Tool - AirDroid Cast to Present Digital Product

A low-quality projector can cause technical glitches that affect the quality of an interactive presentation. With AirDroid Cast, you can share your screen across a range of devices including TVs, computers, smartphones, and devices with web browsers. If your presentation room has a smart TV, you can mirror your presentation from your smartphone or laptop.

The web version of the AirDroid Cast allows users to cast presentations to any browser without installing any app. Its outstanding presentation assistance features involve high-quality audio, multiscreen support, and multiple ways to control. In addition to screen sharing,

AirDroid Cast allows file transfers and remote access to your mobile devices. No matter where you are, you can connect your device to a computer or smart TV in the meeting room.

How to Cast Screen from smartphone/Windows/Mac to TV?

  1. Dowload AirDroid Cast app on your smartphone/PC from your Apple/Android Play Store. Or you may download it from the official website.
  2. Enter "" into the search bar of your TV browser and it will redirect to its web page.
  3. For sharing smartphone screen:

    Open the AirDroid Cast app and click on the “Start Casting” button.

    For sharing Windows and Mac screen:

    Open the AirDroid Cast app on your Windows/Mac. Click on “Cast to” to start mirroring Mac/Windows screen.

  4. After that, a box will appear on your mobile/PC screen asking for a QR code. Enter or scan the 9-digit QR code displayed on your TV screen.
  5. Now the device will ask permissions to start casting your presentation to TV screen. Grant the permissions and it will start mirroring your mobile/PC screen to TV.
  6. Part 5: Pros Tips for How to Properly Deliver Your Sales Presentation

    1Create presentations tailored to Customers

    A sales pitch presentation must demonstrate an understanding of why prospects should buy your product. One of the great tactics of a successful sales presentation is through addressing the actual pains and desires of the potential customers. Design customer-centered presentations that grab their attention and interest. Marketers can use a customer-tailored approach to build trust with customers and they would rely on you.

    2Gather supporting material

    Add some other components to build trust with your customers, such as:

    • Product demos. Provide demos and training on how your products can help prospects tackle the challenges they have been facing.
    • Question banks or rubrics Learn about prospects' business and interests by asking questions
    • Battlecards with clear grab-and-go messaging Add the benefits of the product over other competitors and other ways to explain the product

    3Collaborate on your sales pitch

    Your job is to know your product and make sure to have a deep understanding of your customer’s concerns. Once you get the point that links the product and customer, you’re set.

    • Set slide status and roles.
    • Arrange the slides to present your basic goals, specify the client’s problems, and provide solutions.

    • Collaborate live with in-app video.
    • Add videos and visual data where required

    • Leave comments
    • Use the comments option to add feedback from clients. You may also use an in-built emoji library.

    • Stay on brand with slide styles
    • Do not copy data and slides; collaborate with your brand design team to create a presentation design that fits your brand.

    4Build rapport remotely

    A virtual handshake is not enough to establish remote rapport. The key to building customer trust is to provide them with relevant information, products, and services.

    • Be friendly and greet with a sincere smile.
    • Listen to your audience.
    • Don’t just parrot your sales points.
    • Reflect on your leads' tone, body language, and speaking rate to show empathy.

    5Be obsessed with customer outcomes

    Prospects need a sales representative who listens to their end goals and helps solve their bigger problems. Avoid overloading your sales pitch presentation with stats and selling points. Instead, leave plenty of time for questions. To formulate your ideal solution, you must learn about your audience's desires and barriers.

    Some clients will always take longer to close. But sales is about building relationships. You should work with your buyers until they are ready to make a purchase. Showing them you're willing to put in the time upfront will make them more confident you'll remain there after the sale is complete.

    6Learn and iterate

    Imagine you have closed a deal after your presentation. Maybe you are eager to move on to your next sales presentation and success story. Take a moment to learn from the process before calling that qualified lead.

    7Revisit and refresh your sales deck

    It is imperative to update sales decks regularly, even the most effective ones. A thorough quarterly review is a good place to start, but it depends on the information you have available and the rhythm of your teams. To ensure updated, consistent, and on-brand information across decks, you can assign slides to specific account executives. This step will ensure that your sales team decks not only look good but also continue to impress with relevant content.

    Don't forget to include marketing and customer success in this process. Including these teams in your presentations can give you valuable information on what messaging is resonating in the market.

    Part 6: What to Do After the Sales Presentation?

    At the end of the presentation, it’s time to wrap up some loose ends and then close the deal. your prospect should be willing to move forward with you and start a business relationship with you. Outline the next steps of the process. Don't be worried if you don't hear from them soon after the proposal.

    Part 7: FAQs about Sales Presentation

    Q1: How should you begin your sales presentation?

    The opening of a sales presentation is crucial in determining its outcome. Your presentation's opening will influence how your audience perceives you. Make sure to present a brief idea of your company and products in beginning. It can affect how they feel about what you're going to say afterward.

    Q2: What is the best way to engage my audience in my presentation?

    During the presentation, introduce yourself, and ask everyone else to do the same. In addition to involving them, it ensures that you have their names on hand for later use.
    Stand confidently and speak clearly. When you show interest and enthusiasm, the audience will usually pick that up.

    Maintain eye contact with everyone in the audience by scanning continuously.Watch out for signs of boredom. Try changing your tempo or cutting long-winded parts of your presentation if your audience is drifting off.


    Sales presentations play a significant role in determining the company’s success. A successful sales presentation involves grabbing customers’ interest. The article mentioned a few steps and tips to keep the audience listening.

    One of the most significant factors in maintaining the prospect's attention is a clear view. AirDroid Cast offers high-quality screen mirroring features to ensure a clear visual representation of your sales presentation. Moreover, its wireless connectivity makes it the most reliable portable solution.

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