3 Workable Ways to Play FIFA on PC [2022 Updated]

Can you play FIFA on a PC?

Yes! There are indeed lots of tools and methods to do so. Besides AirDroid Cast, which we highly recommend, there are alternatives you can use to make streaming games from your phone onto your PC simple!

This guide may come in even more handy if you are planning to play together with friends, using just one screen. Play matches against your friends and tests your skill in a more engaging way, rather than everyone individually looking at their own phone display!

fifa on pc

1 What is AirDroid Cast Used for & How Do You Play FIFA on PC?

We would like to introduce you to AirDroid Cast, an excellent, easy-to-use screen sharing and controlling tool that you can use to share your mobile and mirror phone screen on any Windows PC and Mac. The use of AirDroid Cast also allows you to have complete control over your mobile device when using it on a computer.

Before we continue, we recommend you use the official download link below to install the AirDroid Cast app on your computer and smartphone. AirDroid Cast works on both Android and iOS devices. Go ahead and enjoy the trial version of AirDroid Cast:

We will show you three different methods you can use to connect your devices with each other. Keep in mind though, the AirPlay function only works on iOS devices. The WLAN and USB function can be used on either Android or iOS devices:

1. WLAN (Supports remote connection)

You must first log into your AirDroid Cast account. A QR code and a cast code will be displayed on the screen. To connect the two devices, you just need to request a connection by using one of the provided codes.

2. AirPlay

To use the AirPlay function to play FIFA on your PC, connect both of your devices to the same WiFi network. You must also check the AirPlay server status. If it is up and running, you are good to go. Go to your phone’s settings and enter "Screen mirroring", then select "AirDroid Cast - XXX". You can now share your phone screen with your PC.

3. USB

Simply connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. Available devices will be listed in the AirDroid Cast interface, click on your device to connect them.

Once a connection has been established, you’ll be able to play FIFA on PC in no time! Simply click the hand icon in the interface and finish some settings to active control feature.

fifa on pc

You will greatly benefit from using AirDroid Cast as there are many advantages (compared to competitors) that will make for an even more enjoyable gaming experience. With AirDroid Cast, you can simply use your PC’s mouse to navigate through your smartphone device as it gives you full control throughout the duration.

Furthermore, you will be able to play the audio sound of your phone onto your computer whilst also being able to use your phone’s microphone. This can be a very helpful tool when you are playing with friends, considering that AirDroid Cast lets you connect up to 5 devices at once.

2 What Other Alternatives Can I Use to Play FIFA on PC?

You can use emulators to play FIFA on PC. We will, of course, introduce you to a handful of these emulators. Basically, an emulator is used to imitate what another system does. An emulator makes it possible for you to use your smartphone on your PC by adopting either an Android or iOS environment to a computer.

The good thing is, a lot of these emulators allow you to install game apps or mobile games through an in-built app store which you can use to play or run any app on your PC.

fifa on pc

Let us start this list off with Android emulators first. For iOS emulators, you can simply scroll down.

Android Emulators

  • A Google Chrome Extension like ARChon or twerk: You can run several APKs at once. These extensions can be downloaded in the official Google Chrome store.
  • NOX Player: Simply install and start the program. All you need to do is select whichever device you are using, then select an Android emulator and go ahead with your choice.
  • LDPlayer: Download and install the program. LDPlayer offers an in-built app store. You can download FIFA and many other applications on there.
  • Gameloop: Both of your devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network in order to play FIFA.
  • Bluestacks: Bluestacks can be installed on a Windows and Mac computer. When using Bluestacks, you need to have a Gmail account in order to actually use the application. You will then have access to the Google Play Store where you can search for FIFA and simply install it.

iOS Emulators

  • App.io: There is a trial version you can use for up to seven days. However, the image quality may not be the best.
  • Corellium: It is definitely a great tool to use to play FIFA on a PC but if security is something you value, you may reconsider this option.
  • Xcode: Xcode comes with a very simple, easy-to-use interface. In order to use this application though, you will need to have a Mac computer. Other devices are not supported.

Keep in mind that, compared to AirDroid Cast, the aforementioned alternatives do come with a lack of functionality, ease of use and security. Also, AirDroid Cast will absolutely not cause any connection issues and ensures high-quality resolutions when playing FIFA on the computer.

In addition to all of that, AirDroid Cast lets you choose the controls and makes it a lot more convenient to play FIFA with your friends as you would not need to adapt to totally different settings.

3 Which Method Do We Recommend to Play FIFA on PC?

See for yourself what you really value when using any kind of software. Are you worried about the ease of use, security or performance?

AirDroid Cast not only offers a very intuitive interface that is easy to use, it also supports Android as well as iOS devices. Since AirDroid Cast offers support for a wide range of devices, you can use our software on any Windows and Mac device to share your smartphone screen.

AirDroid Cast

With our software, you are guaranteed to get the best out of your gaming session as you will not be running into any of these problems! You will get to experience a stable connection throughout your FIFA matches and honestly when playing a skill-based game, you need all of the benefits that AirDroid Cast comes with!

4 Why Should I Play FIFA on the Computer?

Well, first off, with a larger screen, it can be very fun to have a gaming session with your friends! And while you are at it, why not enjoy it on the same screen and in person to test your skill together?

After all, though, that is not the only reason to play FIFA on a computer using your smartphone. A lot of people can simply not afford or do not want to afford a high-end PC that requires exceptional specs. Graphics cards are not the cheapest components either and most casual gamers wouldn’t want to spend that much money on something that they can enjoy in a different way.

Since mobile games aren’t all too demanding when it comes to specs, FIFA on PC comes with a lot of advantages as you will still be able to have a simple yet smooth gaming experience just by connecting your smartphone to a PC.

Furthermore, you get to play mobile games on a larger screen while also being able to use a keyboard and mouse. Doesn’t that sound comfortable? And with the added comfort of playing these games at home, you will not be constantly looking down at your phone screen!

5 Conclusion

Hopefully, you were able to find that one perfect solution that will help you play FIFA on a PC. Despite the emulators and other alternatives we have discussed, we believe that AirDroid Cast will simply offer you the best experience for your gaming sessions. Get together with your friends, connect your devices and let the fun begin with just a few minutes of setting things up! Simply put, AirDroid Cast is likely going to be your favourite application to use if you want to play FIFA or any other mobile game on a computer. It supports both Android and iOS devices so that everyone can have a great time together!

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