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TeamViewer is a popular remote control program that makes it very easy to access and manage computers and networks remotely. It comes loaded with tons of remote access features having widespread benefits for remote meetings and cloud-based service desk.

If you want to learn more about TeamViewer remote access and get insights into its key features, then this guide is meant for you. We will introduce you to the step-by-step instructions on how to use TeamViewer remote control to the fullest.

To keep the ball rolling, let's cut to the chase!


Part 1. Use TeamViewer for Remote Work/Learning

The most prominent feature of TeamViewer is remote work or remote learning. That is, a person sitting on a computer can connect to and manage another computer wirelessly once both devices are connected via TeamViewer.

To do that, follow the below steps:

Step 1. After installation, launch TeamViewer on your host computer.
Step 2. Now, go to the Remote Control tab on the main interface. You'll see a User ID and Password.
Step 3. Use this Partner ID on any another computer to connect to and control it from your host device.

teamviewer remote control

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Part 2. Use TeamViewer for Remote Gaming

TeamViewer remote desktop is quite famous for its ability to allow users to control a PC A from a PC B remotely. Using the "Switch Side" feature, a person can switch the remote control rights from another person connected via TeamViewer.

Note that this feature is available for TeamViewer license holders.

Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Connect both computers using TeamViewer's User ID and Password.
Step 2. Use the Switch feature to control the gaming rights of another computer.
Step 3. Then, use your own mouse and keyboard to take rounds during the game you're playing with your mate.

teamviewer remote games

Part 3. TeamViewer Remote Unattended Access

This amazing feature lets you to instantly set up a remote access session with another computer anywhere in the world without needing a connection or partner ID. But before using "Unattended Access", you need to enable Easy Access on the other device and also add it to your TeamViewer account.

It uses a "two-factor authentication mechanism to connect your devices instead of using passwords. Check out how to use TeamViewer remote unattended access:

Step 1. First of all, enable "Grant Easy Access" on the remote device. For that, go to Extras > Options > Security > click the Configure button. Then, click Assign and activate the Grant easy access checkbox. Hit Ok to proceed.

grant easy acccess

Step 2. Then, enter the email address for the device you want to assign it to. Click on Assign.

assign to account

Step 3. Finally, add this remote device to your partner list and you'll be able to access it anytime from anywhere as long as you're connected to the internet.

Part 4. TeamViewer Remote Printing

Are you at home but still want to print documents on your office printer or vice versa? Worry not as TeamViewer offers a simple solution to print documents from a remote computer without transferring files. All you need to do is install TeamViewer Printer Drivers to get started.

Check out how to use TeamViewer remote printing:

Step 1. Hit the gear icon at the top-right and navigate to Advanced > Show Advanced Options > Install TeamViewer Printer Driver.

install printer driver

Step 2. During installation, TeamViewer chooses the default printer and consider it as TeamViewer ID.
Step 3. Now, click on "Activate TeamViewer Printing" on the toolbar 1. The program will display your printers on the screen.

teamviewer remote printing

Step 4. Finally, open a document you want to print, got to the Print tab, and choose the printer ending with via TeamViewer.

print teamviewer

You can access this feature on both Mac and Windows. Plus, remote printing is available in color as well.

Part 5. TeamViewer Meeting

Another powerful feature of TeamViewer is remote meeting. This utility offers a simplified, videoconferencing platform for teachings, tutorials, or business.

Users get three options to start a TeamViewer meeting: presentation, video call, and phone call. The person on the host computer selects an option and the program generates a meeting ID. This specific ID is used by other participants to join the meeting.

teamviewer meeting

Part 6. TeamViewer File Transfer

One of the most useful features of TeamViewer is File Transfer. It supports many data types of any size that you can send from a remote computer to your colleagues or peers. The best thing about this feature is super-fast speed and direct (peer-to-peer) connection that make it possible to send huge files quickly and securely.

Follow the below steps to send files without affecting the remote user's screen:

Step 1. Launch TeamViewer, click on the drop-down arrow of Remote Control, and choose "File Transfer".

file transfer

Step 2. Now, select the device and hit the File Transfer icon located below the alias of the device.

file transfer icon

Step 3. Send as many files as you want.
If you're already connected to the remote device, then simply click on the "Files & Extras > Open file transfer, and select the files to be sent.

send files

Part 7. Best Free Remote Tools like TeamViewer

Despite the many advanced remote control features it offers, TeamViewer is not the first priority of many users due to limited remote control features. Plus, it is too expensive for commercial use.

So, if you're looking for free remote tools like TeamViewer, then check out the below two programs.

1. Remote Android - AirDroid Personal

Considered the #1 ranked remote control software, AirDroid Personal is developed specifically to manage any device remotely. It develops a consistent connection, both via cable and wirelessly, with the remote device and allows you to control every aspect of the other device from your screen.

It comes preloaded with all the impeccable features that you expect from a premium remote desktop software such as file transfer, remote camera, SMS management, screen share and screen mirror, and geo-fencing and device tracking.

You don't need any prior knowledge to start using this software and even non-technical users find it very simple to install and use.

airdroid desktop remote control


  • Connect to and manage remote devices with just one-click
  • Compatibility across different platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Unattended remote access
  • Transfer files to multiple devices at once at a lightning speed.
  • Doesn't compromise the quality of data during transfer
  • Allows you to record screen of the remote device
  • Its remote feature can turn an Android device into a security camera
  • Provides an intuitive way to manage files on your Android
  • Much cheaper than its competitors

2. Remote Desktop - Google Remote Desktop

Developed by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is a powerful that lets users remotely controlled another computer through Chromoting, a proprietary protocol developed by Google. Its main strengths are ease-of-use and compatibility across all platforms.

Moreover, this program gives freedom to connect with remote devices in real-time as well as enable unattended access.

chrome remote dsktop

Key Features

  • Supports both spontaneous access and un attended access
  • Works on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux as well as Android and iOS
  • Supports key mapping
  • Users can enable clipboard syncing

Final Words

This article has outlined key features of TeamViewer remote access and how to use them. No doubt, it is an excellent remote control desktop program that bombards you with tons of useful features.

If you're not impressed with TeamViewer, particularly for its price, then consider its alternatives like AirDroid Personal and Remote Desktop - Google Remote Desktop. Among all three, AirDroid Personal stands out for its ease-of-use, low price, impeccable remote features, and professional customer support.


Here are answers to some of the common queries of users pertaining to TeamViewer remote support.

Is TeamViewer secure?
TeamViewer uses AES 256-bit encryption to keep users' data and information safe and secure. This technology is considered fully safe by today's standards.
Will TeamViewer work without internet?
No, you need an active internet connection to connect to and manage a remote device outside your network. However, if the remote computer is within your network, then you can manage it via TeamViewer remote LAN mode.
Why is TeamViewer timing out?
It might occur that the automatically timing out option is enabled on your TeamViewer account. To check that:
  • Hit the Gear icon and navigate to Advanced > Advanced settings for connections to other computers > Timing out inactive session.
  • If there's a time limit entered here, the session will be terminated if no interaction is made in the defined period. Disable or adjust it as needed.

teamviewer time out

Why can't I download TeamViewer?
A lot many reasons can be the culprit of why you cannot download TeamViewer. To fix it:
  • Be sure to delete any previous version of TeamViewer from control panel.
  • Use official website to download it.
  • Restart your PC and try to download it again.
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