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Online remote access is a method in the computer world to control remote devices over the Internet. Technicians and business owners primarily use online remote computer access to guide their customers and employees.

With remote access, one can easily control everything on another computer, such as managing files, troubleshooting, etc. There are many remote access tools such as AirDroid, Teamviewer, etc. However, what if I told you that you remotely access another PC without using any app or software?

Yes, it is possible; you can online remote access without the app on your PC. You really don't need third-party software to access another PC remotely. Here, I have listed the best methods for online remote access without the app on a PC.

Part 1: What Is the Online Remote Access?

Remote access is a way of working that allows access to a computer, its interface, and its files remotely through computing platforms. It makes it easy to interact with data, customers, and other team members without the need to be physically in a defined location.

Remote access is one of the methods that has proven its usefulness in recent years, and that has facilitated work among the members of a company since employees no longer have to be in the offices to access valuable information. And it becomes easier to promote remote work modalities. The computer you connect to is called the host. The computer you use to connect to the host computer is called the client.  

Part 2:How to Realize Online Remote Access without App on PC?

If you are one of the users who need to transfer files between devices remotely, either from your mobile to a PC or vice versa, or maybe you just want online remote access without the app on your PC, you should know that AirDroid Personal can achieve that and more. You can control mobile devices from a PC without software on a PC via AirDroid Web.

AirDroid Personal
  • Viewing the file system, photos from the gallery with the ability to download to a computer;
  • Full access to contacts, messages, and calls, the ability to call a subscriber;
  • Remote launch of the front and main cameras, without changing the image quality, broadcasting sound;
  • Screencasting and remote access.

AirDroid web is a robust solution that allows you to use your smartphone on a PC to perform remote operations such as checking messages, editing contacts, applications, photos, music, and managing files and folders, all wirelessly, without any app to install.

But that's not all; it also allows you to play mobile games remotely on your computer and remotely access your mobile, that is in your home or office. And it can even revive damaged phones and improve work productivity and efficiency.

Among its main advantages are the transfer and management of files. It acts as a remote control, duplicates the screen, remotely monitors, and even manages notifications and SMS text messages. In order to use AirDroid Personal web, you need to have an AirDroid account, a computer, and a smartphone, and you will need to sign in to an account before you can use the web version.

It is necessary to mention that AirDroid is very secure, so you should not worry about using it. It is as safe as any other connection between devices.

Detailed steps

It is worth mentioning that this program has two versions, one for PC and another that you can access from the web without installing additional software. It has a dedicated website ( from where you can remote control, transfer and manage files.

For this, you must follow the following instructions:

Step 1. Open your favorite browser and enter the address on your PC, and create an account.

Step 2. Download and install  AirDroid Personal App on mobile device, scan the QR code on the desktop to log into the account.

Step 3. Now, you can do many things, from sending files to remote control mobile device.

After seeing the definition and some of the features of AirDroid, the conclusion I give you is that it is a complete productivity application. It is suitable for those who like to get work done efficiently. AirDroid Personal makes your mobile seem to be integrated with your laptops.

Part 3: Other Tips for Remote Access You May Want to Know

1. What Are Methods of Remote Access?

There are different methods to online remote access any device from a remote location. You can remote control your android phone from another android or iOS mobile. It also provides Cross-platform support for remote control, and you can remotely access your mobile from your PC and your PC from your mobile.

1.1 Remote control mobile devices from mobile devices

Remote control mobile devices from mobile devices mean that you can control your mobile phone from another mobile phone easily. This feature is compatible with all android devices. It can synchronize the mobile screen for both ends.


1.2 Remote control mobile devices from PC

This method allows you to control your mobile devices from your PCs remotely. It will help you remotely transfer essential files from your computer to mobile devices.

1.3 Remote control PC from mobile device

This method gives you an opportunity to access your PC from your mobile devices remotely. It is also a very beneficial feature. There are many programs that allow you to remotely connect to your computer from a mobile device.

1.4 Unattended remote access and attended access.

Unattended remote access is a service that allows IT professionals to help end users solve computer problems remotely. The end user doesn't need to be present to give the remote connection. You can do it using specific software that allows you to take control of users' desktops. Unattended remote support is always done over the Internet.

Attended remote access enables "IT technicians" to access their customers' information and devices remotely to provide maintenance and support. The customer must be present there to grant remote access. Most remote maintenance solutions offer additional features such as file transfer, remote printing, chat, and screen sharing.

2. What Are Remote Access Softwares Used For?

Remote access software is suitable for all the above tasks. Sometimes you need to control a mobile device from another mobile, a PC from a mobile device, or a mobile device from your PC; all these tasks can be done using remote access software. You can also do all these tasks by using different web services. But software web versions have limited features. Remote access software is also used for unattended remote access or attended access. Remote Access Software gives different benefits to business users. Remote access allows companies to troubleshoot and recover faster than ever before.

These apps can support different devices and are not limited to the server. It can also manage client devices, which include mobile devices and PCs.

Currently, there are many remote access programs to transfer between mobile-PC or PC-mobile devices, but without a doubt, none like AirDroid, whose functions are totally complete and helpful for users who want to increase their productivity.

Part 4: Conclusion

So, the above is all about online remote access to another PC without any app. With the help of the AirDroid web version, you can easily manage and control another computer. I hope this article helped, and you can share it with others!

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