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Best Free Remote Desktop Software 2023

Charudatta Updated on Dec 13, 2022 Filed to: Remote Control

Whether you want to remotely access your computer during telecommunicating or collaborating with colleagues, a remote desktop software becomes your ideal companion. The internet is awash with remote access tools and programs but not all of them are worth your time and money.

Because of this, we have handpicked some of the best remote desktop software that anyone can use for personal or commercial use. Let’s cut to the chase!

Part 1. A Brief Overview

This section will answer common queries of users pertaining to the best remote control desktop software.

1What is Remote Desktop Software?

A remote desktop software, also known as remote access tool, is a program that enables you to control one computer from another remotely. Any user from anywhere in the world can connect can see the connected computer’s interface in real-time.
If the primary user allows, you can start using that computer via your mouse and keyboard just like if it was your own.

2How Does Remote Desktop Software Work?

Generally, the remote desktop software installed on a PC, or host, generates a specific User ID. This ID is then used by anyone who wants to connect or access the host computer from another computer called a client.

In some cases, the remote access tool has to be installed on both host and client computers.

Part 2. Tips for Choosing Best Remote Desktop Software

The below tips will certainly help you narrow down the best remote desktop manager software.

  1. Make sure the software you choose is compatible with your operating system. Many of such tools are often compatible with just one or a few platforms.
  2. Another important consideration is the security of your communication. Be sure the program you’re going to install uses advanced encryption algorithms.
  3. The program should be easy to install, set up, and use. This becomes even more important if you’re a not-so-tech-savvy user.
  4. Not all best free remote desktop software support multiple users, file transfer, and other such features. Thus, consider the tools that offer all the services you need.
  5. Lastly, consider factors like integration with other tools, scalability, and reliability while choosing a remote access app.

Part 3. [Personal Use] Best Free Remote Desktop Software 2023

Below is a short description of the 4 simple and friendly remote access software along with their key features, and pros and cons.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

It is an extension of the Chrome browser that lets you log in to a PC even when the user isn’t logged in. All you need is a Google account or Gmail address to start using this extension, making it the best remote desktop software Chrome.

Just install this extension on the device to be accessed to get a “PIN.” After that, anyone can access this device using this PIN. This extension is supported by any device that can open Google Chrome. More so, it has apps for Android and iOS users.



  • Multi-monitor support
  • Allows you to transfer files quickly
  • Protects communications via HTTPS
  • 100% free to use


  • It doesn’t offer the chat feature
  • A remote user cannot print
  • Only works on Google Chrome

2. Zoho Assist

Having the confidence of many major businesses, Zoho Assist is one of the best free remote desktop software 2023. The good news is it has a free version for both personal and commercial users while the premium version offers a free 15-day trial. It comes in mobile version as well.


Some of its stellar features include live chat system, integrated file transfer, screen sharing, as well as ability to connect multiple screen simultaneously.



  • Cloud-based installation
  • Universal compatibility
  • Offers advanced automation tools
  • Users can execute commands for ease of use


  • Not an ideal option for personal use.
  • Suitable for MSPs, not smaller LAN networks
  • The free version offers limited features

3. TeamViewer

The name TeamViewer needs no introduction in the world of the best free remote desktop software. Having over two billion total downloads, it offers many intuitive remote access features including group collaboration, video conferencing, and demonstration broadcasting.

What’s best is that TeamViewer uses advanced 156-AES encryption to secure your transmissions. Not to mention, it works on all platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.



  • Uses cutting-edge 2FA tech to start remote sessions
  • Offers features like file transfer, script execution, video conferencing, etc
  • Spectacular cross-platform compatibility
  • Works perfect even on low bandwidth connections


  • Can be laggy at times
  • Business package is quite expensive
  • Bothe TeamViewer programs should be on the same version for successful connection

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop

An official Microsoft program that enables users to access computers remotely without any restrictions on its usage. With this tool, you can integrate up to ten devices simultaneously.

However, it is compatible with computers running on Windows Server, Windows Professional, or Windows Enterprise OS.



  • Built-in Windows program
  • You can manage it via Group policy
  • Allows you to transfer files
  • No extra downloads are needed
  • Completely free to use


  • Works on Windows only
  • No chat feature
  • Supports one session at a time

Part 4. [More Professional] Best Enterprise Remote Desktop Software

Want a more comprehensive remote access tool? Here is our handpicked list of some best free desktop remote software available in 2023.

1. Splashtop

If you need a professional remote access tool for commercial purposes, then look no further. Splashtop comes loaded with all the exciting remote access features you need to manage or coordinate your employees remotely.

What makes it so useful is the different premium plans if offered to make sure you’re not paying for the services you don’t need.



  • Remarkable cross-platform support
  • Allows you to connect up to 25 users at a time
  • It offers specialized plans


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Not all features are accessible on all devices or platforms

2. Bomgar

One of the best free remote desktop software that makes it so simple and easy to remotely access a computer. Its compatibility with almost all the platforms and devices along with high efficiency and scalability explains why over 20,000 companies trust it for remote access.



  • Screen sharing
  • Unattended access
  • Camera sharing and file sharing
  • Professional customer support


  • Not a go-to choice for basic use
  • Its interface is complicated particularly for non-technical users

3. RemotePC

This app is suitable for both home users and business professionals. Using cloud technology, RemotePC provides a consistent remote access through a web application as well as native desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Use its 30-day trial period to confirm if it is up to your expectations or not.



  • Allows you to connect multiple users
  • Versatile and sleek web app
  • Highly efficient, secure, affordable, and scalable


  • Expect some time getting used to its interface
  • Its web app offers limited features

4. AnyDesk

If you’re looking for the best free open source remote desktop software that goes an extra mile to ensure your security, then choose AnyDesk. Note that it’s available for personal use and offers a range of advanced features like remote printing and unattended access.



  • Cutting edge security tools
  • Works on all desktop and mobile operating systems
  • Offers remote printing as well as unattended access


  • Its interface is quite complicated
  • Not an ideal option for collaboration for teams

Final Words

This article has outlined a few best remote desktop software to access your office or home computers from anywhere you want. The best thing is some of the aforementioned software are completely free to use while rest are paid services.
Now that you know the key features and pros and cons of these programs, it won’t take you much time to choose the tool that meets your needs.

[Further Read] Best Android Remote Control Software for Android - AirDroid Personal

Use AirDroid Personal to remotely manage your Android phone from a PC. It offers all the impeccable features that you expect from a premium Android remote control software such as file transfer, notification management, remote camera access, screen mirroring, and many more.

Unlike its competitors, AirDroid Personal is easy to setup and use and offers a consistent and smooth connection - both wirelessly and with USB cable. It provides tons of options to customize your mouse and keyboard controls. All this to ensure you can manage the Android device efficiently.



In this section, we will answer some popular questions of users regarding the best free remote desktop software 2023.

What is the best remote desktop software for Linux?

The best remote desktop software is a relative term which varies from user to user depending on their need. However, our research shows that the below tools are preferable choices for most users:

  1. TeamViewer
  2. AnyDesk
  3. Zoho Assist
How do I attend meetings using remote desktop software?
All you need is to enter the “specific USER ID” generated by the host computer (the PC on which the remote access app is installed). With this ID, you can attend meetings from anywhere in the world.
What is the easiest way to have remote screen sharing?
Using a simple and friendly remote desktop software is the best way to share a screen remotely. The internet is full of such programs, just choose the software that fulfils your business or personal needs.
Which is the cheapest and most value for money Remote Desktop software?

Based on user feedback, here are a few popular remote desktop software that give you the best value for money:

  1. RemotePC
  2. Zoho Assist
  3. Splashtop
  4. Parallels Access
What is the best remote desktop software for a small company?

If you run a small business, go for a cheap yet efficient software that meets all your requirements. Some of the best options you’ve got are:

  1. TeamViewer
  2. Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop
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