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[Updated Guide] Top Ways to Fix Android Message for Web Not Working

Charudatta Updated on Dec 13, 2022 Filed to: Remote Control

Google Messages for Web is an online service that allows users to receive and reply message from your PC without touching the Android phone. It is also dead simple to use which explains its worldwide popularity.

But despite all its practical benefits, many users face a common issue where Android Message for Web is not working. If you're also experiencing this irritating problem, then cheer up.

We have rounded up several simple solutions to fix Google Messages for Web not working in no time. Let's dive in!

Part 1: Why is Android Message for Web Not Working

If your Google messages for web not syncing with phone, then any of the below factors can be the culprit:

Reasons for Android Message for Web Not Working

  • Weak or no internet connection.
  • Bugs in your system or the program itself.
  • Lack of RAM memory.
  • Any third-party browser extension or VPN hindering the normal working of the platform.

The same factors can be the reason why your Google Messages QR code not working or Google Messages for Web not synching with phone.

Part 2: Proven Ways to Fix Google Web Messages Not Working

Implement the below solutions carefully until you fix the issue.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

First of all, make sure your computer and phone have an active internet connection. Just open any other browser page and refresh it to check if your internet is working or not.

Many users have claimed that switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data on the Android phone helped them fix the messages for web not working problem. Thus, give it a try.

2. Reactivate the Session

Another simple method of making the Message for Web work normally again is restarting the session. Simply, disconnect your phone from the Messages for Web and connect it again. Hopefully, this will allow you to start communication with your friends seamlessly again.
Follow the below steps to apply this solution:

Step 1. Open Google Messages for Web on your computer.

Step 2. Click on the three-dot icon and select "Unpair" from the available options. Then, refresh the app or relaunch it.

Step 3. After that, open Messages your Android phone and tap Click More > Device Pairing. Then, choose the computer you want to unpair, tap Delete > Unpair.

Step 4. Now, navigate to Messages > Click More > Device Pairing, and point your phone's camera towards the QR code displayed on your PC's screen to establish a remote connection. if the issue is resolved, well done. If not, jump to the next part.

3. Enable Background Data on Phone

It may happen that you have accidently disabled the background data on your Android phone. This can interrupt the normal functioning of Android Message for Web. To avoid this, make sure this feature is turned on.

Follow the below steps to confirm:

Step 1. Long press the Messages app icon and tap the info icon.  

Step 2. On the Settings page, navigate to Mobile data & Wi-Fi. Here, enable the togglers in front of Background data and Unrestricted data usage.


4. Disable VPN and Browser Extensions

If you've turned on any VPN on your browser while using Message for Web, then it can show unexpected errors. The reason is Google often detects the VPN IP as an authorized user and blocks certain services that can lead to Android Message for Web not working. Thus, disable any VPN and try texting your mates again.

Similarly, you need to disable the third-party browser extensions to get rid of the issue. Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Click on the three dots icon at the top-right corner and head to More tools > Extensions.

Step 2. Now, use the toggles to turn off all the extensions and then, restart the browser.  

If Messages for Web works fine after this, then try enabling all the extensions one by one to identify the extension causing the issue.

5. Clear Cache on Phone

Every app saves little pieces of information called caches. This data allows the app to load quickly in the future but at the same time, it is vulnerable to minor glitches or malware attack.

Thus, try deleting the cache data of your Messages app and check if the issue is resolved or not. Here's how to do that:

Step 1. Press and hold the Messages app icon and tap on the info option.

Step 2. Now, select Storage & Cache and hit "Clear Cache."

Step 3. Then, relaunch the Messages app, pair it with your PC, and check if the issue persists.

6. Use Another Browser

If Google web messages not working even after clearing cache, then the problem might be with the browser itself. It is highly likely that the browser you're using is the main culprit. The simplest way to fix it is by choosing another web browser.

Know that Google Messages for Web is compatible with all popular platforms including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. So, choose any browser that you want and check the issue again.

Part 3: Still Not Working? Try Similar App More Useful than Messages for Web

1. Use AirDroid Web

Having millions of active users, AirDroid Web is the best alternative to the Messages for Web app. This online tool offers a one-click procedure to connect your Android phone to the PC. After that, users get complete control over the phone from the comfort of their computers' screen.

AirDroid Web works on all major browsers as well as Android phones. All you need to do is get the AirDroid Personal app on the smartphone you want to control. Once connected, you get advanced features like file transfer, SMS management, screen mirror, Find Phone, remote camera, and many more.  

Key Features of AirDroid Personal Web

  • Offers a one-click procedure to remotely control your Android phone remotely a web browser.
  • Supports all Android phones
  • Gives you access to all Android files that you can manage intuitively.
  • Cross-platform transfer. Allows you to share files between the PC and smartphone quickly.
  • Remotely activate the camera with just one click.
  • Locate and find the lost phone using its Find My Phone feature.
  • All-in-one device management, including file transfer&management, remote control, screen mirroring, sms&notifications, etc.

Check out how easy it is to use AirDroid Web:

Step 1. Install the AirDroid Personal mobile client on the Android device that you want to control remotely. Login with your AirDroid account.

Step 2. From your web browser, head to AirDroid Web and login with the same account.  

Step 3. On the mobile app, tap "My Devices" tab and select the AirDroid Web Scan icon. Then, scan this code on the main page of AirDroid Web.

Step 4. The app is going to connect both devices within a few seconds. Then, you can easily manage all the files, send and receive messages, and perform other functions.

2. Pushbullet

This desktop client may not be as efficient as AirDroid Personal, but it still gives you a simple way to send your text messages from PC. With this software, rest assured you never miss out an important message, call, or even a phone notification while working on your computer.

In addition, it gives you real-time updates about things you care about, be it new free games from EA, Google acquisitions, and more.

3. MightyText

MightyText is one of the most popular desktop programs to access and control Android from PC. Plus, you get freedom to sync MMS, SMS, Videos, Photos, and other files to another device sync with the app.

Aside from that, this app makes sure you get all the phone notifications on your computer. Its other features include getting phone battery notifications, SMS directly from Gmail on your computer, and much more.

Final Remarks

This article has provided many simple solutions to fix the Android message for web not working problem. If you ever face this issue, don't get discouraged and instead, apply the aforementioned tips.

In all likelihood, the app will soon continue working normally and you'll be able to reconnect with your family or friends. But we recommend you to rely on AirDroid as a perfect alternative to Messages for Web. Aside from sending messages from PC, you can transfer files, mirror Android screen, as well as perform tons of useful functions.


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