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Unblocked Games Websites Parents Should Be Aware of at Home

Elsa Updated on Feb 23, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

Many schools help parents restrict their children's gaming options. They block these games to ensure content restrictions are maintained on the school premises and at home. However, many games are not restricted in schools. Hence, children can play these games that schools do not consider inappropriate. Furthermore, many new games are available on the website, so children's phone space is unused. 

unblocked games websites

Hence, we will shed some light on these websites and apps so parents can monitor their children's engagement in such games. Also, we have provided some parental tips in this article on how parents can best help their children's addiction to games.

Part 1. What Are Unblocked Games?

Unblocked games are fun simulations that schools do not block. Educational institutions filter gaming apps and sites students can play on their premises. This action will help students stay focused and shielded against inappropriate content. However, there are still a few other sites and apps that students can access. Some of these exceptions are for gaming, and they can get students easily addicted. Many games that are not blocked are useful materials for students to exercise their cognitive muscles.

Part 2. Children Are Playing Games on These Unblocked Games Websites

There are several unblocked sites that students get distracted by during school hours. Some of them miss classes because of it. These sites are not necessarily the games students play; instead, they offer several games for students.

Unblocked Games 66

This site helps students access several interesting Flash games. Hence, users have to get Adobe Flash Player to enjoy these games. It has a gaming index of different genres. Furthermore, users can request new games by filling out a form.

Hooda Math

Schools leave it unblocked because the games are academic and cognitive-related. It has a wide collection of math games and puzzles that helps to build problem-solving skills.

Armor Games

The intriguing feature of this site is that it provides access to classical gaming options. However, the game list is constantly being updated with new games. In addition, students can get a lot of free games and multiplayer options there.

Mills Eagles

It is becoming very popular among students. Students can pick from a long list of games on the home page. The alphabetic catalog allows them to navigate to the game they want easily.

Unblocked Games 77

This site has unlimited simplistic HTML5 games for kids. Even though it is a website, players can save the game and play outside the website.

Unblocked Games 333

It is another unblocked site that many students like. It has several popular games like Minecraft, Happy Wheels, Basketball legends, etc.

Bored Button

The bored button is a unique site for playing games because it helps players to find random games. The home page has a button tagged 'bored.' Once you click on it, you will be randomly redirected to any interesting game. If you want several options, you need to register.

Unblocked Games 24h

Users need Flash Player to enjoy the interesting games on this platform. Howbeit, it has a huge collection of fun browser games.

Unblocked Games Pod

This site has several initiative games for children to play for free. It has a simple interface, and its games are organized into different categories. Many of the games are HTML5 and Flash games.


Some developers from MIT put together this game-sourcing platform to play games, music, and learn. Hence, it is unblocked in educational institutions. Kids can use it to learn programming and animations. Also, the platform allows users to share their creations with an online community.

Part 3. Effects of Gaming Addiction on Children

If your kids are addicted to the platforms listed in the section above, it is very dangerous for their psychological health and social and academic performance. Some of these adverse effects of gaming addiction are further discussed below.

  • Too Much Screen Time: Prolonged exposure to screen light affects children's physiology, especially their eyes. Also, too much screen time breeds growth dysfunctions.
  • Gambling and Stealing: Paid gaming platforms, especially those with multiplayer, can lure kids into gambling. Addiction to these platforms can cause losing money and resorting to stealing.
  • Sleeping Problems: The agitation to play games will likely keep a child awake longer than bedtime. In addition, blue screen light makes sleeping difficult, and children are exposed to it while playing games.

    sleeping problem

  • Emotional Detachment: Children who are addicted to gaming are poor at socializing. Hence, such children will have issues managing their emotions and relating with others. They are also likely to suffer emotional issues like depression and short temper.
  • Overweight: If kids do not move, sleep less, or eat more when playing games, they will be obese. Many studies have directly linked the poor pattern of living of kids addicted to games with overweight.
  • Poor Academic Performance: Too much game time and less sleep adversely affect children's cognitive prowess. Game addiction can significantly reduce the attention span of a child, attention during class, and reading time.

Part 4. Tips to Prevent Gaming Addiction in Teens

It is the role of the parent, guardian, or school to ensure that teenagers are closely monitored. They are likely to harm themselves unknowingly. Hence, the tips in this section will show how to keep their gaming addiction in check.

1Control Time for Games

Parents can control the time their children spend playing games. They can block certain games completely, like many educational institutions. To control the time your kids spend playing some games, you can use parental control apps like AirDroid Parental Control to limit how much game time they have per day. 

App and screen time management

This app can help you reduce gaming on school days or nights. In addition, the app has several monitoring features that you can use to detect when your kid is about to download a gaming app.


2Monitor Game Content

Aside from watching the time spent playing the game, you need to control the content they are playing. You need to block them if they are playing games with inappropriate content. You can use AirDroid Parental Control to check their gaming activities. Likewise, you can check browser history or phone usage data.

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

3Lead by Example

If you create a gaming schedule for your kids, what would make them appreciate it more? They will appreciate it more if they understand why the schedule is important and that their parent follows a similar schedule. Setting examples is a key part of parenting. They will also comply if you show that you are not above the rule.

4Have an Open Talk

Ensure you have an open discussion about their gaming habit. Many parents leave their children's enlightenment to outsiders. However, they must educate their children about some gaming content, its importance, and possible side effects. Parents must learn to listen to their children's side of the story.

The Bottom Line

Children are curious and easily swayed away by the next glittering invention. One of those inventions that easily catch children's attention is a game. Upon the release of an interesting game, a wildfire will likely spread among students. Hence, many educational institutions have blocked several sites posing as distractions for their students. However, there are a lot of websites that are not blocked. This article has identified some of those websites and the side effects of children's addiction to them. Also, you will find how parents can control their children's addiction to those domains.

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