Snapchat Parental Controls: The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Regarding social media, Snapchat is the go-to app for youngsters who want an easy way to share their lifestyles while also making them look cool. It is why Snapchat is all the rage among parents of tweens and teens. Moreover, if you don't understand how it works, you're likely over 30.

Snapchat parental controls

If you want to ensure that your children have a great experience with Snap, you should familiarize yourself with how the app works, how your children use it, and how many hours they devote to it. You can also set Snapchat parental controls to ensure their safety online.

Part 1. What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media application that allows users to send and receive images and videos (referred to as "snaps") that vanish after being viewed. As an "innovative type of camera," it is marketed as an app that allows users to take pictures or videos and then edit and share them with others.


Part 2. How Old Do You Have to Be to Have Snapchat?

Users have to be 13 years old or older to use Snapchat. Setting up a profile necessitates entering your date of birth, but there is no age validation system in place, making it possible for children younger than the Snapchat age requirement of 13 years old to sign up.

Part 3: Snapchat's Key Features

Snapchat has many features that can help you engage your audience and build your brand's visibility. Let's go over some essential Snapchat glossary.


It is a photo or video that can send to others via the Snapchat app.


All your Snapchat pals can see your stories, which are Snaps that you'd want to share with them all. For 24 hours, reports show up on the app before they are removed.


When you and a buddy share Snaps over a long period, you create a Snapstreak (or Streak). Every day you keep the Streak alive, you'll see a flame icon next to your friend's name.


It's easy to add a colorful overlay or other special touches to your Snaps using a Snapchat filter. Holidays or special events, as well as geographic location and time of day, influence filter selection.


Lenses are made possible through the use of AR. Snapchat Lenses allow you to add characters, 3D special effects and objects to your photos or videos. Lenses, unlike filters, are used when taking a Snap.


Geofilters, like Filters, are particular to where you are at the moment. To use Snapchat's Geofilter, you must enable your location. With as low as $5, you can create a customized Geofilter, ideal for promoting a brand or event.


To add friends and access Snapchat's various features and content, users scan a unique QR code known as a Snapcode.


Chat is Snapchat's instant messaging service for one-on-one and group conversations. Messages are deleted once they've been viewed.


If you don't want your Snaps and Stories to disappear, you can save them as "Memories" to view later. When using Snapchat Memories, think of it as your private photo gallery that you can access at any time.


Brands can use the Discover screen on Snapchat to share their Stories with the app's large user base. It's ideal for content creators, businesses, and publishers who want to create brand awareness and increase engagement on social media.

Snap Map

Using Snap Map, you can see where you are and where your friends are. The Snap Map lets you see photos that people have uploaded from all over the world. Of course, whenever you don't want anyone to know where you are, you can always turn on Ghost Mode.


Using Snapchat's Spotlight feature, we can share video content publicly. 60-second videos can be uploaded to the Spotlight section of Spotlight like on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Use Spotlight to showcase your best work to maximize your chances of going viral.

Part 4. Is Snapchat Safe for Kids?

Teenagers primarily use Snapchat to have fun and keep in touch with friends. If your child is at least 16 years old, they should be OK with most content on Snapchat.

However, just like every social media platform like Facebook and Instagram, images can fall into the hands of someone with nefarious motives. Parents must teach their children the simple principle of the internet: once something is sent, you no longer exercise control over who views it, and anyone can send it to someone else who can access the internet.

monitor kids Snapchat

Predators are known to switch between social media platforms to avoid being tracked. Predators can see the Snapchat username of a teenager if they include it in their Instagram bio, for example.

Indeed, adding various Snapchat filters to your images may be a lot of fun. However, for teens with poor self-esteem, this can be exacerbated by peer pressure and the pressure of competing with others' snapshots on apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Furthermore, some other potential dangers come along with the use of Snapchat – for instance, it's been linked to cyberbullying and sexting, both of which are serious issues today.

Part 5. How to Set Up Snapchat Parental Control in Snapchat App

Enabling Snapchat parental controls on Snapchat will protect your kids from online perils hidden in the Snapchat app. In-app parental settings on Snapchat let your child choose who can see what they post and how others can contact them via the app.

Snapchat has built-in parental control functionalities that you can use to keep your kids safe on the app. You can check them out below.

1Block Strangers

The first step is to ensure that only your children's friends can contact them through Snapchat. To enable this option, go to your child's profile page, click the gear icon, select Contact me, and select My Friends from the drop-down menu.

stop strangers contact on Snapchat

Likewise, on the "Who Can" page, you will have to tap on "View My Story" and select "My Friends" so you're confident that only your children's friends can view the snaps they post on Snapchat.

stop strangers view story on Snapchat

You can also prevent strangers from finding or accessing your kid's Snapchat profile through their phone number. People who know your child's telephone number can usually add them to the Snapchat app by using that number they used to sign up for.

It would help if you opened your child's Snapchat user profile > gear icon > Mobile Number, then deselect the "Let others find me using my mobile number" option to prevent others from finding their Snapchat profile. Snapchat has allowed this so that even if someone has your child's phone number, they can not simply add them.

stop strangers find me on Snapchat by number

2Keep Profiles Private

Snapchat has a built-in function that recommends your child to other app users as friends. In addition, the app will recommend that your child signs up for a variety of channels. You should try disabling this function on your child's Snapchat account if possible.

keep profiles private on Snapchat

On your child's account page, tap the gear icon, tap See Me in Quick Add and uncheck that feature to make the modifications. If you unselect that option, your child's account won't be seen as a recommendation to other app users. This way, they are likely to keep their social media profiles private.

3Hide Kid's Location

The app users can also opt out of having their location shared with friends. You don't want anyone to know where your child is at any given time. You never can tell who is following your child's whereabouts.

hide kid's location on Snapchat

Open your child's profile page, click on the gear icon again, click on See My Location and make sure Ghost Mode on this setting has been checked to prevent anyone from seeing your child's location.

4Report Unsuitable Content

Snapchat allows your child to report any obscene or unsuitable content that they see. You can report someone through the app if they share offensive content with your child.

To report a Snapchat post, you must tap and hold on to the post. You'll see a flag icon on your screen after that. Just tap on it, and you'll see the options for reporting that post. You can also visit the support site to report a safety concern.

report unsuitable content Snapchat

5Remove Snapchat Account

Finally, you should be able to decide what happens to the data your child shares online and how it is used. Regardless of whether or not your child intends to use Snapchat in the future, they can always choose to delete their account.

Snapchat will disable the account for 30 days after your child requests that their account be deleted. Please enter your child's username and password in the Snapchat account portal to delete their account. When your child's 30-day grace period has expired, their account will be permanently removed from the system.

Part 6. How to Make Snapchat Safer and Stop Addiction

AirDroid Parental Control app is an app that helps you to keep your kids safe in the physical world and online and help them build healthy digital habits.

AirDroid Parental Control

It boasts incredible features, such as remotely monitoring your kid's phone surroundings, games & apps blocking, location tracking, instant alerts, and much more. Using AirDroid Parental Control, you can leverage the following features to make Snapchat safer for your kids:

Screen Mirroring

Cast your kid's Android device to your phone, so you can remotely monitor their online activities in real-time. It will ensure that your child's digital activities are risk-free.

Screen Time Control

Instant Lock: Lock all apps on the cell phone or tablet with one click.

Schedule Screen Time: Have a schedule for the time your children can access their devices to help them build healthy digital habits. You can even enable the feature in a specific place.

Screen Time Limited: Set how much screen time they get daily.

Sync Notifications & SMS

Monitor social media apps' notifications, such as WhatsApp, Line, and Facebook Messenger, to stop cyberbullying and online fraud.


You can't see your child's activity in the app like on other social media platforms is a big problem for parents. There isn't much to track when there isn't a feed to scroll through. Capitalize on the privacy options instead. Spend time with your child and go through Snapchat's settings if you decide to let them use it.

Now is a great time to discuss with your child how to use their Snapchat account responsibly and safely. Ask a few questions about their use of it and how they feel about it at regular intervals. Explain to them that you understand how important social media is to them but that your job is to protect them simultaneously.

Learn about the cool features your adolescent enjoys, and monitor their snaps with parental control apps like AirDroid. Let them know you're all on the same page by making it less intimidating.

FAQs about Snapchat Parental Controls

Can Parents Monitor Snapchat?
Parents can monitor their children's Snapchat activity, as well as their phone calls, emails, and texts, using software such as AirDroid. The parent must first install this app on the child's phone to use it. After that, you can view messages and activities on your own devices after installing the app.
Why Is Snapchat Not Safe for Kids?

First, Snapchat makes it easy for kids to share their personal information with strangers and be easily located. Letting anyone follow a child's Snapchat account puts them at risk.

Moreover, according to a particular study, Snapchat can lead to depression and anxiety in kids who use it for over 2 hours a day.

Is There a Kid-friendly Version of Snapchat?
Children under 13 can now use Snapchat by introducing a new feature: SnapKidz. SnapKidz is a Snapchat for kids app, but it doesn't allow them to share their pictures or videos with anyone.
What Is the Age Limit for Snapchat?
The Snapchat age requirement for users is at least 13 years old to join. But to use some of Snapchat's more advanced features, such as making payments or adding one's identity to a global Spotlight video, one must be 18.
How Can I Monitor My Child's Snapchat Without Them Knowing?
On Android, there are several excellent ways to keep tabs on Snapchat. You can find a variety of Snapchat parental control apps. However, we recommend AirDroid as one of the best. Everything a parent could want is right here. If you wish to remain undetected while keeping tabs on someone, consider using an app like ours.
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