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Is Twitter Safe for Kids? A Detailed Parent’s Guide

Elsa Updated on Aug 30, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Online platforms fascinate kids, especially teenagers. Mostly, kids are rapidly diving into social media as they can build community, learn from others, and explore many things. Twitter is one of them where you can notice the huge presence of kids. But is Twitter safe for kids? This is the most obvious question of every parent.

is Twitter safe

Everything has its benefits and disadvantages, as does Twitter. Kids can use Twitter as a learning platform and make a network among different communities. On the contrary, there are many bad aspects of being a part of Twitter. So as a parent, it would help if you ensure safety online to prevent bad impacts on kid's nurturing. Scroll down to know more clarity.

Part 1: What Is Twitter?

Since 2006, Twitter has grown into a giant social media platform. It is more known as the SMS of the internet, where you can communicate with others instantly. Twitter is more popular among celebrities, politicians, entertainment, business, etc. Twitter is considered a microblogging site where anyone can share their thoughts on various topics. But it has a limitation of 280 characters per tweet. Hashtag trend is also started from this site, where you can search for a specific topic. There is also an Explore option that allows viewing trending hashtags.

what is Twitter

To be a Twitter user, you must open a Twitter account and customize the profile with your name and description. Then you can follow other users and show their feeds and tweets in your timeline. However, you need to remember that every Twitter account is public, and anyone can follow you and see your profile, tweets, and stories. Twitter users found it great fun to share updates and keep up with friends.

Part 2: Is Twitter Safe for Kids?

Twitter is the convention of giant communities. Whenever a tweet is shared, a big audience can see it. And the mindset is not the same for people. Some appreciate it, and some look for the negativity, and then they start to troll and bullying. Suppose your kid goes through such kind of troll, they hardly take it lightly, and it will badly impact their behavior.

is Twitter safe for kids

Many other bad incidents relate to teen users of Twitter. Though kids are not sensible enough, they can easily get manipulated with bad things and behavior. If parents can not ensure safety online, then Twitter is not ideal for your kids. But if parents can keep a tab on kids' Twitter activities and give more care to kids, Twitter is a secure website. It is a fundamental responsibility to ensure kids’ safety online. You must take the necessary steps in this regard. Online platforms like Twitter have both light and dark sides. You need to make sure your kids only retain light and helpful information.

Part 3: What Are the Dangers of Twitter?

Since Twitter is a public platform, a few dangers are associated if the user is not mature enough. Some of them are:

  • No content filtering: Twitter allows sharing of any media and posts that are in the user's mind. Well, it seems quite normal things. But there is no content filtering feature in this application. As a result, your children can come across violent content, porn, explicit images, or inappropriate content. Of course, any parent doesn't want kids to see inappropriate content.
  • Victims of cyberbullying: As we said earlier, tweets are easily visible to the public. Sometimes your kid's post may get them into trouble. They may be victims of cyberbullying. Kids are too young to handle this type of situation.
  • Misleading information: Kids quickly believe what they see on the internet. It can be dangerous. They may lead to misleading information and concept that badly reflect on their life.
  • Spending too much time on Twitter: If your kids more time streaming Twitter, then it can be a significant sign of danger. It can affect their studies and also other important work in their life.

Part 4: Keep Your Kids Stay Safe and Secure on Twitter

When children get into social media, it is very difficult to stop. However, you can take some steps to control it. Twitter is improving its features to improve user experience. It adds some privacy and sitting for parental control. You can utilize them to keep your kids safe and secure on Twitter. They are:

  1. 1.Turn on private mode
  2. When you open an account on Twitter, it becomes public by default. In this term, any Twitter user can follow you and see your tweets. You should keep your children's accounts in private mode so that you can restrict unwanted people from seeing your kid's tweets.
  1. 2.Disable direct message option
  2. You can turn off the direct message option. By using it, you can control getting direct messages from spammers.
  1. 3.Blocking and muting
  2. If you notice some inappropriate content in the timeline of your kid’s profile, then block and mute the users. This will remove the bad content from their timeline.
  1. 4.Don’t reveal location
  2. There is a location sharing feature that allows knowing where you are. It is dangerous for kids as strangers can easily track them. So make sure your turn off the location sharing option.
  1. 5.Increase awareness
  2. A tweet can impose bigger damage if it is misleading or puts someone in danger. You should increase awareness about the importance of tweets before posting them online. It helps them to understand the power of tweets.
  1. 6.Don’t let befriend strangers
  2. Twitter is an exciting platform to make network with new people. But your kids should maintain privacy before befriending strangers. They can manipulate kids behind the mask of anonymity. Make them understand internet safety.
  1. 7.Protect Twitter account
  2. Nowadays, a Twitter account can be hacked by a hacker, an identity thief, or a predator. So don’t let your kids share personal information or reveal their identity on Twitter. Moreover, be smart to set your Twitter password.

Part 5: How to Monitor Your Kid's Twitter Activities?

When kids spend a lot of time online, it is a matter of concern for parents. It is always a conflict about whether they are retaining the right information or not. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms where kids tend to spend a lot of time. Well, it is impossible to monitor kids all the time, especially when they are in schools and colleges. There is an amazing software called AirDroid Parental Control that helps to monitor your kids anytime, anywhere. The application contains a lot of monitoring features. You can effectively monitor every activity of your children online.

AirDroid Parental Control

This parental control app lets you to restricts the streaming time on Twitter and see messages, notifications, and tweets. You can block the app for them anytime. Moreover, you can schedule the streaming time on Twitter. It’s also effective in monitoring every application that is installed on your kid's phone. You can block any game or application anytime and also get notifications from other social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Instruction Using AirDroid

Step 1. Firstly, install the AirDroid Parental Control app from Google Play Store or Apple App store. Launch it on your phone. Sign up and create a new account. Set up your profile.

Step 2. Then again, download the AirDroid Kids app on the targeted phone and open it.

Step 3. Pair both devices using secret codes. That’s it; you can monitor the targeted phone and your kid’s Twitter activities.

Part 6: FAQs about Twitter App Safety

1. Is Twitter Safe from Hackers?

Hackers can encrypt Twitter accounts. So you should care about certain things like setting a powerful password and configuring privacy settings. Also, be aware of links in images or videos. Links can take you to rogue sites. It can be a reason for malware attacks, security threats, or phishing scams.

2. How Do I Protect My Twitter Privacy?

There are many options in the Privacy settings that allows you to protect your information. For example, you can turn on the safety mode to make your account public to private, hide sensitive information from others, restrict direct messages, etc.

3. How Do You Get Rid of Twitter Addiction?

Twitter is an interesting place where you can spend hours scrolling tweets in your timeline. When you give priority Twitter rather than other important works in your life, it is called addiction. To prevent it, you need to gradually decrease the time of streaming Twitter and engage with other important works in your life.

4. Is Twitter the Most Addictive?

Twitter is a giant platform where you can explore interesting news, information, and entertainment. One can spend hours streaming them. These features make Twitter the most addictive.

5. Can a 14-Year-Old Have Twitter?

Yep, a 14 years old can utilize Twitter. This app allows users 13 years old or above.

6. How Do I Make My Child's Twitter Safe?

To make your kid’s Twitter safe, you should configure privacy settings and monitor them whether they are following or chatting with ill mentality person. However, you can also use the AirDroid Parental Control to make it safe.

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