How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has made our lives easier. However, some people can use the platform as a nuisance in our lives. Fortunately, you can block them on WhatsApp.

One of the most widely used free instant messaging programs, WhatsApp, is used to connect people worldwide. While the messaging app offers users a practical way to interact with friends, family, and new people, it may occasionally also turn into a possible place for unwanted connections and privacy violations.

block someone on WhatsApp

Fortunately, blocking a person on this chat platform is fairly straightforward, regardless of whether you use the Android or iOS app. This article is going to address some of the ways you may use to block and unblock a contact on WhatsApp.

Part 1: How to Block Someone on WhatsApp

The inquiry is one of the most searched quick response questions today. A lot of people value their privacy as well as their well-being. The following are many ways you can block a contact on WhatsApp.

1Blocking Someone from WhatsApp Via Chats Tab

To block a number on your contact list, swipe out of the chat with the contact in your Chats tab and tap More, then proceed to tap Contact Info. Tapping on Block Contact is the next step. After tapping on block contacts, you will be required to either Block or Report Contact. And lastly, Report and Block.

2Blocking a Contact in WhatsApp Settings

You can also block a contact on your contact list via the settings. Here is how you go about it;

  • Open the app
  • To access more options, click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Settings" from the menu.
  • Navigate to the "Account" area.
  • Click "Privacy."
  • Press "Blocked Contacts" once.
  • In this menu's upper right-hand corner, click the "Add" button.
  • block WhatsApp contacts from Setting

  • Choose or look up the person you want to block.

3Blocking an Unknown Number on WhatsApp from Message

  • If you wish to block non-contacts on WhatsApp, you have two choices. If the contact has contacted you for the first time, follow these instructions:
    • Launch WhatsApp.
    • Click "More" in the contact's chat window.
    • On the confirmation screen, press "Block" once more.
    • As an alternative, use the following strategy:
    • Access the unknown number's chat room.
    • Get their phone number by tapping.
    • At the bottom of the screen, click "Block."
    • block unknown WhatsApp number from messages

    • press "Block" once more to complete the process.

    4Blocking Someone in WhatsApp Group Chat

    You can only block the administrator of a WhatsApp group as a contact. To do this, take the following actions:

    • Access the group chat.
    • Toggle the group subject.
    • Tap the admin's phone number.
    • Press "Send Message" or "Message (phone number)" if necessary.
    • block someone in WhatsApp Group Chat

    • You will now enter the administrator's chat room.
    • On your screen, tap the number next to it.
    • Select "Block" and then hit "Block" once more.

    Part 2: How to Block Calls on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp calls are rapidly becoming a thing. Users of Android and iOS devices can now block all or particular WhatsApp calls, which helps them conserve a lot of mobile data.

    Users of Android Only Need to Download the Disable WhatsApp Call Apk. Yes. Download and install the Disable WhatsApp Call Apk version on your smartphone for Android users to prevent obnoxious WhatsApp calls.

    block WhatsApp calls

    Choose the "Service" option, then turn it on. The user only needs to select the service option and toggle it ON after downloading the Disable WhatsApp Call Apk version on their phone.

    Disable WhatsApp Calls to ON in Settings. In the settings, the user can toggle the incoming or outgoing call ON or OFF depending on their needs before turning off the WhatsApp call option. Afterward, whenever someone calls on WhatsApp, the call will be immediately disconnected and converted to a regular call.

    Part 3: What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp

    You can stop receiving calls and messages from someone on WhatsApp by blocking them. No matter how often they send them, they will never arrive on your phone. The person you banned will no longer be able to see your information status updates, profile image changes, or "last seen" timestamps.

    While blocking a user on WhatsApp may stop any direct communication with them, it does not remove them from your contact list. You will need to delete their contact from your phone to accomplish that manually. Additionally, you can unblock someone you have blocked at any time, allowing you to continue communicating with them even if you need a little break.

    when you block someone on WhatsApp

    To safeguard their users' privacy, WhatsApp tries to make it unclear if you have been blocked or not.

    Without the individual being aware, you can block them on WhatsApp. The individual is not informed that WhatsApp has blocked them. Additionally, the banned contact will not be able to access your last seen online information, profile photo, status, or any other modifications you make.

    can't access WhatsApp profile

    Part 4. How to Find Recently blocked Numbers on WhatsApp

    It is another commonly searched question on the internet. The following statements are steps on how you can find the recently unblocked numbers of WhatsApp.

    • To check if any of your contacts have been blocked, you can try a few different approaches.
    • WhatsApp may have barred a contact if you cannot see their last seen time or if their profile image is absent.
    • You can also attempt to message the contact and see if it is delivered.

    Bonus: How to Block Kid's WhatsApp Without Them Knowing

    There are several tools that parents can use to monitor what their kids do online, especially on applications such as WhatsApp. AirDroid Parental Control is the best tool available in the market today.

    AirDroid Parental Control Dashboard

    The following are reasons why. This tool can;

    Block the usage of WhatsApp - This is only possible after you have downloaded the application on your phone and then tied it to your child's device (s). With this app, you can block what your kid has access to on WhatsApp.

    Schedule WhatsApp Usage - Both kids and adults spend so much time on WhatsApp. As a parent, you can easily regulate your child's WhatsApp usage with Airdroid Parental Control's help.

    Monitor WhatsApp activity - It gets better with Airdroid parental control since, in addition to monitoring what your kid does on WhatsApp, you can do it without them knowing. You can hence ensure the safety of your child on this app.

    - Help you know if someone, let's say your child, has blocked you on WhatsApp.

    - It can also help identify and avoid WhatsApp scams, which are rampant these days.


    The benefits associated with using this platform are evident to many people. It is partly because the population of WhatsApp users continues to grow with each passing day.

    Unfortunately, the increase in the population of its users has also led to an increase in the tendency of some people to misuse the platform by poking into other people's privacy. The good news is that WhatsApp allows its users to block contacts. We have seen how a user can go about it in various ways.

    As a parent or someone particular about their privacy and connections, it is wise that you start making good use of the feature. If you are already aware of the blocking and unblocking feature, you can continue utilizing it whenever you see fit.

    Hottest Question Related to Block on WhatsApp

    Q 1. How Many Times Are You Allowed To Block and Unblock a Contact on WhatsApp?
    For as long as you would like, you can block, unblock, and re-block someone on WhatsApp. The number of times you can ban and unblock someone on WhatsApp is unlimited. There is nothing wrong with WhatsApp's barring and unblocking functionality. It is one of the most utilized features on the platform.
    Q 2. Will Others Know If I Block Them on WhatsApp?
    Without the individual being aware, you can block them on WhatsApp. The individual is not informed that WhatsApp has blocked them. Additionally, the banned contact will not be able to access your last seen online information, profile photo, status, or any other modifications you make.
    Q 3. Can You Still Receive Messages if You Block Someone on WhatsApp?
    Any blocked contact's messages will not be sent. Any messages a blocked contact sends to you on WhatsApp will not reach you as long as the contact is blocked. The messages sent while you had blocked the contact will not be transmitted at all once you unblock the contact.
    Q 4. Is it Possible to Temporarily Block a Contact on WhatsApp Without Them Knowing?
    In addition, contacts you have blocked will not be able to see your "last seen" timestamp, online status, or any changes you have made to your profile. WhatsApp does not alert users when they have been blocked; the person you have blocked will not be aware of it.
    Q 5. How Do I Ignore Someone on WhatsApp Without Blocking Them?
    Without having to block them, users of WhatsApp can ignore a group or friend using a feature called the Archive folder. Users can use this function to hide chats from persons they do not want to see or respond to.
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