How to Fix AirDrop not Working on iPhone?

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AirDrop is one of the most stellar iOS features that allow users to share data between two iOS devices at a blazing-fast speed. As good and useful it is, AirDrop is not immune to unexpected bugs and errors.

Many users have lately complained why is my AirDrop not working despite trying to send files again and again. If you're also facing this issue, then this article is meant for you. After highlighting the main culprits of AirDrop not working, it will introduce you to a step-by-step guide to fix it yourself.

Now that you know what's in the stock for you, let's dive in!


Part 1. How does AirDrop work?

The first question that comes to mind is how does the AirDrop work. It uses the Bluetooth service of to create a safe, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network between the two iOS devices. The best thing is you don't need an active Wi-Fi connection to make AirDrop work.

However, this feature works on iOS 7 or later. Plus, the involved devices should be no more than 30 feet apart. That is, you can easily transfer unlimited files between any two AirDrop-compatible iOS devices.


Part 2. Why is my AirDrop not working on iPhone?

Users asking why doesn't my AirDrop work should know that a lot many reasons can interrupt the normal functioning of AirDrop. It includes, but not limited to:

  • The iOS devices you're using are do not support AirDrop.
  • Bluetooth is turned off.
  • Receiving or Sending files via AirDrop is turned off on any or both of your iPhones/iPads.
  • A technical glitch in the iOS device.
  • You're using an outdated iOS version.
  • Both devices are placed quite far from each other.
  • You've enabled the "Do not Disturb" mode on any device.

Hopefully, you have now understood why isn't my AirDrop working. The good news is AirDrop can be fixed quite easily regardless of the reason why it's malfunctioning in the first place.


Part 3. Common issues on AirDrop not working

If your AirDrop is not working properly, then it can show the below problems whenever you try to transfer files.

1. AirDrop say 'No people found'

Many a time, the AirDrop on the first device is unable to find the other iOS device and shows "No people found" on the screen. This problem generally occurs if AirDrop Receiving is off on the second device.

2. AirDrop stuck or freeze on waiting

Another common issue of why wont my AirDrop work is it gets stuck during the file transfer process. It can be really frustrating as AirDrop is popular for its blazing-fast speed and ability to transfer unlimited data in a jiffy.

3. AirDrop failed to save item

Many users face the AirDrop not working problem where the files are not saved in the gallery even when the transfer process is completed. Unfortunately, this type of error is quite common and can happen to any iOS user.


4. AirDrop cancels or declines

Often, AirDrop suddenly cancels the file transfer for no apparent reason. If you're facing this problem, then try sending the file again to fix it.

5. AirDrop sends but doesn't receive

Sometimes, AirDrop sends the files but doesn't receive anything. Check if AirDrop Receiving is enabled on your iOS device, and try sending the files again.


Part 4. Tips for Troubleshooting AirDrop on iPhone not working

Below are the six proven solutions to fix AirDrop not working on iPhone on any iOS version. Implement them carefully and hopefully, one of them will get the job done for you.

1. Restart your Device

Restarting is the quickest way to remove any technical glitch in the device that might lead to why isn't AirDrop working. Here's how to do that:

Step 1.Go to Settings > General > Shut Down


Step 2.Swipe the slider to turn your device off.
Step 3.After a few seconds, press and hold the power key to restart it.

2. Turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi On and Off

Often, there's an issue with your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi settings that causes AirDrop not working. All you need to do is turn off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and enable them again.

Follow the below steps to do that:

Step 1.Navigate to Settings.
Step 2.Tap Wi-Fi and disable the "Wi-Fi" slider. After a few seconds, enable it again.
Step 3.Repeat the same process for Bluetooth.


3. Update iOS

Apple regularly provides iOS updates to fix the minor issues including AirDrop not working, Be sure that your iPhone is running on the latest iOS. To check that:

Step 1.From Settings, head to General > Software Update.
Step 2.It will take a few seconds and show if any update is available.
Step 3.Hit "Download and Install" and wait until the process is completed.


4. Sign in to iCloud Again

iCloud is a built-in service of iOS devices. Sometimes, it interferes with other features or services on your iPhone and can be the reason why isn't my AirDrop working. To fix this, you should log out of iCloud and sign in again.

For that:

Step 1.Go to Settings > Your profile picture at the top.
Step 2.Tap Sign Out at the bottom.
Step 3.Wait for a few seconds and log in again.


5. Reset Network Settings

It may happen that there's a minor glitch in the network settings of your iPhone that is hindering the normal functioning of AirDrop. The easiest way is to reset the network settings on your iPhone or iPad. Here's how to do that:

Step 1.Head to Settings > General > Reset.
Step 2.Now, tap Reset Network Settings and enter your screen passcode, if asked.
Step 3.The system will reset the network settings and restart your device.


Part 5. Still not Working? Try Best AirDrop Alternative – AirDroid

If you've tried all the aforementioned methods but to no avail, then consider using a third-party service like AirDroid Personal. It is a professional tool that offers a simple solution to transfer any type of files between iOS devices wirelessly at a blazing-fast speed.

Unlike AirDrop, this tool doesn't bombard you with unexpected bugs before or during the transfer process. In addition, you can mirror your iOS device on a PC for tutorial purposes or managing notifications.

What's best about this tool is its compatibility with all platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Not to mention, it comes at a user-friendly price. Check out its latest price here.

Key Features of AirDroid Personal

  • A perfect alternative to AirDrop to transfer files between two iOS devices in original quality
  • Share files with a person from anywhere in the world using its "Friends" feature
  • Transfer speed is significantly faster than its competitors
  • Intuitive notification and SMS management
  • Gives you access to remote camera with sound to keep tabs on surroundings
  • Allows screen mirroring in real-time
  • Using it, you can make or answer calls from a PC
  • You reply to text messages, WhatsApp, and manage other notifications
  • Users get a comprehensive remote control over another device



We have gathered and answered some common queries of users pertaining to AirDrop not working.

Can I control my Android phone from a PC on the same LAN?
Generally, AirDrop is a quick solution to transfer files between two iOS devices. But due to a minor glitch in your device or any system issue, AirDrop can be very slow.
Why can't I see my Mac in AirDrop?

If AirDrop is not showing your Mac, then be sure the Mac is less than 30 feet away from the other iOS device. Also, it has Bluetooth turned on and it should be running on macOS 10.7 or later.

If it’s still not working, then launch Finder and select AirDrop. Click on the dropdown menu of “Allow me to be discovered by” and change it to Everyone.


Does AirDrop work without Wi-Fi?
No, you don’t need to have an active Wi-Fi connection to use AirDrop.
Does AirDrop use Bluetooth
Yes, AirDrop uses Bluetooth to locate the nearby iOS devices and create a safe, peer-to-peer connection. So, make sure Bluetooth is turned on before using AirDrop.
How far can you AirDrop
According to official data, you can AirDrop between two devices that are up to 30 feet apart. This is the maximum limit, so try to place both devices closer than that.
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