Remote IT assistance for better customer experience

  • Remote control

  • Unlimited devices

  • Quick & secure

  • Software & hardware

  • During screen sharing with a client or an employee, you can take control of the device to quickly resolve a complex issue.

  • Your support agents can connect to as many end devices as you need at no extra cost.

  • Connecting to customers and employees is simple and painless, along with data encryption and screen privacy to keep your users safe.

  • AirDroid Remote Support combines software and hardware troubleshooting in one place with a suite of on-screen tools and AR camera.

All the tools you need in one place

  • Real-time Screen Sharing & Voice Chat

    See a customer or employee's screen and communicate directly while giving instructions to solve a problem.

  • Resolve device issues quickly with Remote Control

    Besides verbal communication, you can enhance service efficiency by directly controlling your customer's device during the help session upon the user's consent.*

  • Messaging & File Transfer

    Send messages, manual guides or screenshots when voice communication isn't available.

  • AR Camera

    Connect to a device's camera and place 3D markers onto real-life objects to troubleshoot physical equipment.

  • Gestures & Markup

    By enabling gestures during screen sharing, you can swipe and click on your screen and the end-user will see on-screen gestures. Annotate a screenshot with text or markup to assist with the tutorial.

Management & reporting for your team

  • Shared hours

  • Monitor team usage

  • Analyze logs

  • Every seat comes with 50 connecting hours per month and the hours can be shared among your team. You can add extra seats for concurrent support or hours to give you the flexibility as a team.

  • The Owner can see an overview of each support agent's connection status, as well as a total usage summary for further analysis.

  • Get access to each remote session's log history. Select date range to narrow down the report or search by support agent to find individual history.

Security & privacy for your users

  • Unique 9-digit code

  • Suspend screen sharing

  • Permission to connect

  • Every user will get a unique 9-digit code on their device screen for your support agents to connect to.

  • Customers or employees can pause screen sharing anytime to hide confidential information.

  • Request to connect to a device, see share screen, and access remote camera needs to be allowed by the end-users.

Choosing between AirDroid Business and AirDroid Remote Support


AirDroid Business is designed for managing unattended devices to which you have full ownership and administrative rights, and you can access these devices without anyone's consent. AirDroid Business is also perfect for companies to manage their own devices, such as self-service kiosks, vending machines, or POS systems.

Use case: Logistics company

Logistics and transportation companies need to manage devices assigned to each truck driver, such as restricting non-work uses and unapproved app installations. IT admins also need to remotely support truck drivers when there's an issue with the device.

  • Quick enrollment

    Enroll and set up devices for the drivers in bulk to save time.

  • Kiosk Mode

    Use single-app mode and app whitelist to allow access for only company apps.

  • App management

    Remotely publish updates to drivers' devices in bulk automatically.

  • Monitoring

    Monitor device screens, status, and activities of devices and drivers in real-time.

  • Alerts

    Receive email alerts when something critical happens to the devices, such as data usage exceeding the cap. Control the situation before things get out of hand.

  • Remote control

    Remotely control and resolve device issues directly and quickly.

  • Pricing

    AirDroid Business is charged by the number of devices in your deployment.


Remote Support is not designed for supporting unattended devices. It's ideal for devices that are manufactured and sold to customers by your company. Your customers own the devices but may require hardware or software support after the sale.

Use case: Hardware manufacturer

You are a hardware manufacturer that sells devices to system integrators or end customers. Support will be required when there's an issue with the device. Remote Support not only provides the privacy and security that customers need but also an easy and out-of-the-box experience. OEM partnership is also available for you to customize the interface and showcase your brand.

  • Easy and quick

    Your customer only needs to provide the 9-digit connection code shown on the Remote Support app for your agent to connect to the device upon permission. Your agent can then use screen sharing, voice chat, and various tools to assist customers with an issue.

  • Remote control

    During screen sharing, your support agent can use remote control to resolve a complex issue directly for the customer and minimize device downtime.

  • OEM partnership*

    Customize app interface, company logo, and other options to show your branding on your customers' devices.

  • Security & trust

    We offer the most ideal remote support solution with comprehensive security measures. Your customers' devices can't be connected or controlled without their permission. Upon request, your customers can get help by providing a unique connection code to your support team.

  • Pricing

    Remote Support is charged by the number of seats required for your operation. Each agent with assigned seat can support unlimited devices to help reduce operational costs for your company.

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