Features of Kiosk Browser Lockdown Solution

Kiosk Browser for Different Industries and Needs


Kiosk Browser helps confine devices to specific uses. It is utilized in almost every business, including the public and private sectors.
  • Restaurant

    The food and beverage industry often utilizes kiosk technology for ordering and cashier machines. These devices are typically limited to running a single browser application, which is usually locked to the self-ordering and POS systems.

  • Retail

    Retail customers use self-service devices to select goods and pay for them, which shortens the waiting times, improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor costs.

  • Healthcare

    The medical center usually implement self-service kiosks to register, queue up, and record patients' information.

  • Digital Signage

    The IT staff can remotely update the content on digital signage in roadside and shopping mall locations, providing a more convenient alternative to traditional billboard maintenance.

Benefits of Using Kiosk Browser

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  • Single-app Mode

    Lockdown devices to only running a single application

  • Multi-app Mode

    Lock the devices to running a specific set of applications

  • More Browser Options

    Chrome, Edge, Firefox... AirDroid Business offers various browsers options

  • Device Limitations

    Customize device restrictions according to your requirements to enhance device security

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