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Why Choose AirDroid RS for Remote Access?

  • Remote Access & Control

    AirDroid Remote Support allows you to get remote access to attended as well as unattended devices instantly. The remote connection is quick and easy to establish and it stays stable so that the support service can be uninterrupted.

  • Real-Time Screen Sharing

    AirDroid Remote Support allows your customer to share the screen with you, hence you can see the device screen in real-time for remote assistance and troubleshooting. The screen sharing is in high resolution and there is not going to be any lag in the process.

  • Real-Time Chat (Text/Voice)

    AirDroid Remote Support allows the remote support team to communicate with the customer or on-site staff present in front of the connected device via voice chat, voice message, or text messages to solve problems quickly.

  • AR Camera

    AirDroid Remote Support offers you the option to give instructions on physical equipment remotely. There is an exclusive AR camera feature to make things easy for you. You can connect to the device’s camera remotely and place 3D markers on the physical objects to troubleshoot any issue.

  • File Transfer

    AirDroid Remote Support offers easy file transfer during remote access sessions. This is useful in transferring user manuals and illustrative photos to help the on-site staff. You can also send instant screenshots to clarify any issue properly.

  • Built-in RMM Feature

    AirDroid Remote Support has lightweight remote management features. You can check the status of the devices, group the devices and add notes for employees to follow. Besides, you can set different roles with required permissions so that there is a proper hierarchy followed in the remote support team.

Top Reasons to Switch to AirDroid Remote Support

  • Reliability & high performance: AirDroid Remote Support offers a stable remote connection so that you can provide remote support service without any interruption. You can establish remote connections easily and instantly for providing timely service to your customers. The real-time screen sharing is of high resolution without glitches and lagging issues.
  • Top Features of AirDroid Remote Support: AR camera and gestures and annotations options are highly useful in remote assistance. The lightweight remote monitoring and management features are beneficial for managing devices conveniently.
  • Robust security: AirDroid Remote Support offers a multi-level security system to protect the data and devices of customers. There is a dynamic connection code system to connect devices remotely and securely. The remote connection is end-to-end encrypted to prevent security infringement. The exclusive Black Screen mode provides privacy during remote support sessions.
  • Affordable Price Plans: AirDroid Remote Support offers you affordable price plans. The Basic plan is based on per technician with 50 hours of free usage. But the Standard and the Premium plans have no limitations in terms of the number of technicians and usage hours.

For Different Industries Need

  • For IT

    Provide your IT support team with the best remote access and support tool at an affordable price. AirDroid Remote Support allows complete remote control to any connected device even when it is unattended. You get exclusive features such as AR camera and tutorial gestures and markups to provide remote assistance in the best possible way. Provide timely remote support to reduce downtime and boost productivity and thereby, enhancing customer satisfaction and the profitability of your business.

  • For Customer Support

    Provide customer support service remotely and instantly without wasting time and money on traveling. With the powerful AirDroid Remote Support, you can share the screen of the customer in real-time to understand the technical issue. Thereafter, you can get complete control of the device for remote troubleshooting. Besides, there is a tutorial gesture option to illustrate the necessary steps. With voice and text messages, you can have clear communication with the customer through the remote support session.

  • For Healthcare

    The popularity of online education through mobile devices is rising exponentially. Devices like phones and tablets become educational tools. If the devices have problems, it will delay the study progress of students. Therefore, providing remote support for devices is essential. With AirDroid Remote Support, the technicals or teachers can access and troubleshoot problems for students immediately.

Hear from Our Customer

I have been using AirDroid Remote Support for a few months now and it has been a game changer for my business. I am able to offer support to my clients from anywhere and at any time. Highly recommended.

Ava Grace

AirDroid Remote Support is a must-have for any IT professional or tech support team. It's powerful, easy to use, and saves a lot of time and resources.

Ethan James

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the free alternatives to Zoho Assist?
For business use, it's hard to get totally free versions of the remote support tools. Generally, they provide free trial versions, like AirDroid Remote Support. It provides a half-month free trial. You can definitely have a try.

Is Zoho Assist trustworthy?
Yes, Zoho Assist is safe to use as it follows industry-standard security protocols.