Why Choose AirDroid Business?

  • Favorable Price

    AirDroid Business offers competitive pricing with three pricing plans (Basic plan: 12$, Standard plan: 21$, Enterprise plan $33) annually to choose from based on your business needs and budget.

  • Fast Connection

    This tool enables you to access any device from any location, in real-time, with lightning-fast speed.

  • Extensive Remote Support Functions

    The vast array of remote support functions include screen sharing, remote control,real-time messaging,voice calls and AR camera. This allows you to conveniently resolve issues without the need for onsite support.

  • Unattended Mode

    AirDroid Business's unattended mode is a bonus, which lets you control and troubleshoot devices remotely without needing user interaction.

  • Remote File Management

    Additionally, you can remotely manage and transfer files between devices, making it a breeze to share files between employees and devices.

  • Security Policies

    AirDroid Business allows you to define a wide range of device policy settings to protect corporate data security and prevent data leakage. You can also lockdown devices to prevent unnecessary use and limit access to apps, websites, and system settings.

What Makes AirDroid Business Outstanding?

  • High Performance
  • Advanced Security
  • Alerts & Reports
  • Geofencing & Tracking

  • AirDroid Business is the best alternative to Splashtop On-Prem, it is an extraordinary feat of technological ingenuity among the MDM solutions.
  • Its exceptional performance is characterized by its lightning-fast connection speeds, rock-solid connections, and crystal-clear high-definition visuals.
  • With such capabilities, users can effortlessly manage their Android devices from anywhere in the world, ensuring that businesses maintain maximum productivity and stay attuned to their customers' ever-changing needs, even when dealing with several devices dispersed across different locations.

  • AirDroid Business prioritizes the security of managed devices and offers several security policies settings to ensure that sensitive corporate data is protected.
  • This includes TSL encryption, which encrypts all data transferred between the device and the management console, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Additionally, AirDroid Business offers Kiosk mode, which limits device functionality to specific applications, ensuring that employees or customers cannot access sensitive or unnecessary features.
  • These measures help businesses protect their corporate data security and prevent data leakage.

  • AirDroid Business is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to maintain a firm grip on their managed devices. With its alert and reporting system, businesses can rest easy knowing that any device-related issues will be detected and resolved in real-time.
  • The platform's security breach and device malfunction alerts are specifically designed to ensure administrators are always on top of their game. They can take swift action and nip any issues in the bud.

  • This innovative technology allows companies to pinpoint the exact location of their employees and monitor their device movements in real-time.
  • This is especially beneficial for businesses that have remote workers or drivers, as it guarantees that they are on track to deliver products and services on schedule.

On-premise vs. Cloud-based Deployment

DefinitionCostControlManagementSecuritySuitable Situations
On-premiseThe software is installed and maintained on the company's own servers or infrastructure.More expensive upfront; potentially more cost-effective in the long run.Easier to control.Difficult to manage.It is secure by default.Large organizations with sufficient IT resources.
Companies that require highly reliable systems.
Cloud-basedThe software is hosted and maintained by a third-party provider in the cloud.Less expensive upfront; Potentially more expensive in the long run.Company has less control over their data & security.More convenient to be managed because they can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.It is secure by default.Small to medium-sized businesses or organizations with limited IT resources.
Businesses that prioritize flexibility and remote accessibility.

AirDroid Solutions to Address Varied Requirements

  • MSPs
  • Software Development
  • In-house IT
  • Retailer

Managed Service Providers have a tremendous job as the guardians of their customers'technical fortresses: dealing with and resolving a number of issues that occur.

MSPs must untangle complicated knots with the greatest accuracy. This can range from baffling connection problems to irritating software errors.

With the help of AirDroid Business, MSPs can now remotely access their clients' devices, diagnose problems, and resolve them without the need for a physical visit.

This is achieved by utilizing a cutting-edge remote support platform that allows MSPs to handle numerous customers' devices from a single dashboard.

As a consequence, MSPs can easily monitor their clients' IT infrastructure, ensuring that everything operates well.

Software development companies are not immune to the challenges of providing support to their end-users.

Bugs and other issues can arise, preventing customers from completing tasks. However, with AirDroid Business, software development teams can remotely access their customers' devices, diagnose the issue, and provide a fix.

This eliminates the need for customers to bring their devices to a repair center. The result is timely assistance that ensures that customers can continue using the software product without any hindrance.

An organization's IT infrastructure is a complex network of interconnected systems that must be constantly monitored and maintained.

The in-house IT staff is tasked with ensuring that these systems are operating at peak efficiency to avoid any potential downtime that might negatively affect production.

With the help of remote support technologies, the IT staff can now give prompt and efficient help to its end-users, lowering the risk of any potential disruptions.

Consider an employee who is desperately attempting to access an important program that is essential to performing their responsibilities. The IT staff may remotely access the employee's device and troubleshoot the issue with AirDroid Business, it is a better solution than Splashtop on premise software, saving significant time and resources that would otherwise be lost.

It is not simple to provide excellent customer service as a retailer. Catering to your clients' demands requires a lot of dedication, especially when they aren't physically present in your business.

Nevertheless, with the advent of remote assistance systems such as AirDroid Business, shops can now address these issues while providing outstanding customer care.

Consider the following scenario: a consumer is in the middle of making a payment via a point-of-sale (POS) device when connectivity troubles arise. This can be a huge stumbling block in their purchase path, leading to irritation and even possible sales loss.

Nevertheless, due to AirDroid Business, the retailer's support team may act immediately and remotely access the device. They may then examine the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Final Words

Remote support solutions are more important than ever in today's fast-paced and ever-changing corporate world. These cutting-edge technologies have become an essential part of daily operations, allowing businesses to make jobs easier, save money, and render amazing customer service.

Among the several alternatives accessible, AirDroid Business stands out as a versatile and dependable solution capable of meeting the varying demands of various businesses.

AirDroid Business provides a variety of remote support and management features at a more favourable price. Its adaptability enables it to be adjusted to the individual needs of various enterprises, such as MSPs, software development firms, in-house IT departments, and merchants.


What is another name for on-premises deployment?
On-premises deployment is also known as "on-prem" deployment or "on-premises software".

In cloud computing, what does "on-premise" mean?
The term "on-premise" simply means the installation and operation of software or applications on servers that are physically located within a company's infrastructure.

Which is cheaper, cloud or on-premises software?
The answer to this has been answered for you in the article’s table. On-premises software typically has a higher upfront cost while cloud software has a lower upfront cost.