Why Your Peers Turn To AirDroid Business MDM?

  • Security

    Enhance device security management with AirDroid Business. Strengthen your MDM security & privacy and protect corporate data from unauthorized access.

  • File Management

    With dynamic file management features, you can transfer files on remote devices flexibly and efficiently. Make sure fast and secure bulk file transfer for Android devices remotely.

  • Kiosk Mode

    Android Kiosk Mode allows IT admins to lock Android tablets into single app mode, whitelist websites, and block unauthorized network access, preventing device misuse and excessive data costs.

  • Geofence

    Track your mobile devices with a centralized dashboard. When a device is lost or stolen, you can easily locate it to remotey lock and wipe the data or uninstall apps to prevent further damage. Optimize route efficiency.

  • Monitor, Alert & Workflow

    Monitor device status, receive actionable alerts, and execute automated tasks. Identify issues and potential risks with an integrated Monitor Dashboard. Receive timely alerts to resolve problems immediately.

  • Mobile App Management

    AirDroid Business Application Management Service (AMS) helps organizations and IT managers monitor Android apps performance on their deployed Android devices at all times.

Overwhelmingly Higher Ratings of AirDroid Business

SecurityEase of UseRegulation CompliantQuality of SupportAndroid SupportGood Partner in Doing Business
AirDroid Business9.
Soti MobiControl8.

Source from: G2

AirDroid Business is perfect at Android

  • AirDroid Business is ideal for businesses with MDM needs. It offers more advanced features, including geofence tracking, remote control, remote troubleshooting, application management, and content filtering, accessible from an intuitive interface, capable of satisfying the needs of any enterprise.
  • Surprisingly, for a service that offers so much, AirDroid Business is quite competitively priced and transparent.
    AirDroid Business is a more affordable option for small to medium-sized organizations.
  • AirDroid Business is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. It offers more customization options, allowing all-size organizations to tailor the MDM solution to their specific and flexible needs.

All-In-One MDM Solution To Manage All Device In Different Areas

  • IT Services

    As a powerful MDM solution for MSPs, AirDroid Business can give you an all-in-one Android mobile device management and remote control, so all your IT operations with Android devices can be made easy, a streamlined IT service to increase customer satisfaction & efficiency.
    The day-to-day can be a pleasant experience for your IT team and customers. You might be managing a portfolio of apps and services for clients with hundreds of devices in the field. You get to work everything in one place and customize how you want to roll out apps update, or install using different customizable criteria to optimize the process.

  • Communication

    Proactively monitor Android walkie-talkies, phones and tablets.
    With AirDroid Business, you can monitor all-type Android devices from different customers or employees using one interface. By seeing the screenshot of every device, you can grasp the overall operation in real-time and take preventive actions when you spot anything out of the ordinary. Attend to your customers and resolve issues instantly.
    Communication devices like smart walkie-talkies are usually used in consumer-facing industries like hospitality and retail, where responses need to be fast. We let you resolve device issues remotely to minimize downtime for your customers.

  • Unattended Devices

    You can easily monitor and support devices like digital signages, vending machines, self-serve, and other custom devices, and remotely connect to digital signage, kiosk, PoS, and phone or tablet anytime to provide 24/7 instant support. You don't need to send technicians on-site every time a device is down. More features to simplify unattended support: Bulk configuration, Device groups (Create groups based on different needs to keep your deployment organized), Permissions (Create accounts with admin, member, or viewer roles and assign access rights to devices), Voice Chat & Distant Sound, App Management, Device Lockdown, and more.

What Our Clients Say

The monitoring panel on the web version allows me to have an overview of all my devices.The automatic update of the screenshots which allows me to be sure that the data displayed is always up to date.Having remote control from any device is also a plus for mobile work.

Jules S.

We needed an MDM for managing Android Touch screen PCs that are operating as Kiosks. The interface is very easy to use. Very little training is necessary. We had an uncommon device that wasn't compatible. AirDroid got back to us quickly and an update is already on the way to support that.

Jason E.

Flexible & Efficient Deployments

  • On-Premises
  • Cloud

  • Store your software and data in-house.
  • Control over servers and hardware, managed entirely by your IT team.
  • Reduce network bandwidth costs, excluding any other.
  • Run on your on-premises server with full control over your data security and privacy protection.

  • Deploy your software and data in the Cloud.
  • The plan can be flexibly expanded based on budget and needs.
  • Easily and swiftly access your data.
  • Get rid of upfront costs from on-premises hardware and server setup.

People Also Ask

Are there any suggestions on a suitable plan for me?
Yep, let our professional team provide you with a free consultation and help you select the best plan for your business. To learn more, please contact Sales.

Are there any special offers for non-profit organizations?
Yes, we encourage and support the social activities of non-profit organizations. Our provided purchasing plan is transparent. To learn more, please feel free to contact our sales reps.

Could you tell me how many languages are supported by AirDroid Business?
AirDroid Web Client supports Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.