Leaving Your Previous MDM Solution

  • Price

    Prices are one of the reasons that people need Scalefusion alternatives. Charged annually, a company pays as high as $60 for only one device using the Business Plan, while others like AirDroid Business costs $12-33 per device per year.

  • Limited Features

    Users may find that Scalefusion doesn't offer the features they need, for instance, test release & staged rollout for private enterprise apps, unattended remote access & control, real-time monitoring, etc.

  • Compatibility

    Although Android OS is supported, Scalefusion Android may not fully support some older system versions. Issues might happen in device enrollment, security-related features, and app installation.

Uncovering AirDroid Business as Your New MDM Solution

  • Flexible plans for different business sizes. Available to purchase features separately.
  • Highly compatible with Android. Support various device types (mobile & dedicated) and old system versions.
  • Stable and powerful remote access and control capabilities.
  • Comprehensive app management services from testing, staged publishing to monitoring.
  • Helpful and fast customer support to handle problems that arise during use. Accumulate 50,000 downloads on Google Play.

AirDroid Business MDM Funtionalities

  • Policy, Alerts & Workflows, and Geofencing

    Secure corporate assets by configuring device settings with policies, receiving alert notifications and executing auto-workflows, and tracking device location.

  • Remote Access & Control, and Monitoring

    Access and control attended and unattended devices in case of device failure. Support screen viewing and device real-time status monitoring.

  • App Management with AWS feature

    Manage and easily update private enterprise and Google Play work apps. Support test release, staged rollout, and progress monitoring.

  • Kiosk Mode & Kiosk Browser

    Create a whitelist for allow-to-use apps and websites on devices. A customizable screen layout is provided to show your enterprise brand.

  • Black Screen Mode

    Best used for remote troubleshooting faulty devices. Allow repairing devices with a customized screen making your operations invisible.

  • Reports for Devices, Apps, and Users

    Review reports at any time that cover detailed device conditions, apps, user activities, and data usage to give full visibility on monitoring and management.

Suitable to Various Industies

  • Logistics
  • Education
  • Travel

All-In-One Location Tracking and Device Management Solution

Track drivers' locations and monitor routes anytime and anywhere. AirDroid Business provides a built-in map with all enrolled driver devices displayed in one place. You can use the geofencing feature to receive alerts when your employee leaves or exits a specified area. Automated workflows can be used together to deal with emergencies.

Other functions to boost work productivity and efficiency: kiosk mode, file transfer, notification, remote camera, voice chat, etc.

Easy-to-use Mobile Device Management Solution for Schools

Manage mobile devices in classrooms with a centralized platform. AirDroid Business is able to control device and app usage to prevent students from being distracted. Besides, teachers can manage teaching materials in bulk, such as by distributing exercises to student devices.

Other functions to improve the digital learning experience: App installation and removal, app update, kiosk browser, remote camera, voice chat, etc.

Remote Monitoring & Management Solution for Unattended Devices

AirDroid Business can be used for digital signage and self-service kiosk management. With overall monitoring capabilities, you can review real-time data, including device model, online/offline status, location, battery, capacity, network, and others. You can also access the device screen and remotely troubleshoot devices.

Other functions to help management: Black Screen Mode, kiosk mode, policy, alerts and workflows, etc.

What Our Customers Say?

Joshua D.

Director of Business Intelligence

How easily everything functions. It just works. I've tried so many other MDM solutions and they were clunky, unreliable, and expensive. AirDroid puts our entire mobile device fleet at my finger tips. Their support is very accomodating and they went out of their way with our onboarding process.

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kabilwa S.

Assistant Librarian

The ability to connect more than 100 devices from your PC to your android devices is nothing short of amazing. The fact that a massive number of devices can be controlled remotely is even mind-blowing.

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