Outstanding Features of AirDroid Business MDM

  • Manage devices remotely

    You can remotely manage your devices, including real-time monitoring, remote access, and control, without requiring others' permission.

  • Kiosk mode

    It allows you to lock devices into certain apps or single-browser mode. You can limit peoples' access to specific apps, websites, or browsers.

  • Mobile app management

    This feature enables you to remotely manage apps with ease, including app updates, installation, uninstallation and app test release。

  • Reports & workflows

    You can generate and export reports on device usage, app usage, and more. Setting customized workflows to automate device management tasks is also available.

  • File management

    You can manage multiple file tasks from one central platform. Whether you need to distribute files or look for files on specific management devices, it is easy.

  • Security policies

    AirDroid Business provides a broader choices of policies to enhance device security, including "device limitation," which restricts features such as sound and video recording on managed devices.

Why Opt for AirDroid Business?

  • Security
  • Remote Access
  • Deployment
  • AMS

Top-notch Security

AirDroid Business is the best alternative to Miradore MDM. It offers many customizable security options, which include password rules, device encryption, and VPN settings. All of this helps prevent unwanted access to your data.

It also has great security features like a remote lock, wipes, and factory reset. Let's look at the following scenario to get some context:

Suppose an employee's device gets lost or missing in the workplace; this feature can easily save the day. With AirDroid Business, you can remotely lock or delete the device and prevent snooping.

corporate data security

Advanced Remote Access Capabilities

Administrators can remotely access and control managed devices without requiring others' permission. This allows for efficient device management and support for employees/customers.

Screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, and text messaging are all useful features that enable IT administrators quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues on devices, transfer files between devices, and communicate with employees/customers efficiently through text messaging.

Multiple Deployment Solutions

AirDroid Business offers multiple deployment solutions allowing users to choose between on-premise and cloud-based deployment

On-premise deployment gives users more control over their data and is more reliable, while cloud-based deployment is less expensive upfront.

In contrast, Miradore Mobile Device Management only supports cloud-based deployment, thus limiting users' choices.

Application Management Services

This MDM solution provides various application management services, such as remote app update and installation, app test release, and remote clean app data and cache to free up space on the device.

Remote app update and installation allow the IT team to update or install applications on the devices remotely, save them a lot of time and effort.

The app test release enables the IT team to test an application on a few devices before releasing it to all devices.

mobile application management

Enterprise-level Mobile Device Management Solution

  • Transportation & logistics

    Many transportation and logistics companies use MDM software to track mobile devices remotely to learn the location of their vehicles.

    Geofencing and location tracking are some of the main features used in this industry to ensure that vehicles stay within their designated areas and drivers are on the right path to their destinations.

    In addition, kiosk mode can be helpful in this industry, allowing drivers to access only specific applications on their devices while on the road. This helps to improve their focus, safety, and productivity.

  • Finance

    It is important to keep consumer data secure in the fast-paced banking business of today. One tried-and-tested method is using MDM software with a kiosk mode function.

    In the finance sector, for example, kiosk mode limits mobile devices to some specific applications. You can protect your client's personal and financial information by lowering the risk of data breaches.

    If a mobile device is lost or stolen, MDM software can remotely wipe the device to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive client information and financial data. Remote lock and factory reset are also available.

  • Healthcare

    Smart wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular among medical professionals. You can control these devices and keep patient data secure using MDM software.

    The software includes the functions of equipment monitoring and management, application management and content restriction. Helping medical staff to follow up the patient's condition.

    In addition, kiosk mode allows you to lock the devices for specific activities, such as obtaining the vital signs of patients. This guarantees that patient data is kept secure while medical personnel can retrieve the medical information they need.

Maximize Your Productivity with Centralized Management

  • Real-Time Geofencing and Location Tracking:
  • Geofencing and location tracking capabilities in AirDroid business allow you to keep track of your device's locations at all times!

    You may also set virtual barriers around certain locations and receive instant alerts when devices enter or depart those regions. This is useful as it lets you determine which devices require immediate care!

  • Efficient Remote Access and Control:
  • Remotely access and control Android devices to fix issues or problems without being in person. You can also install or uninstall apps, transfer files, and do other regular tasks that help your device run smoothly.

  • Tailored Reports and Analytics:
  • AirDroid Business is the top-ranked among Miradore alternatives, thanks in part to its provision of custom-tailored reports and analytics. These tools help you track device usage, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions.

    You can see data on device performance, usage patterns, and user behavior. This means you can optimize your resources and enlarge your productivity.

Hear from Our Customers

It is a tool that I consider to be the most efficient in the remote control of mobile devices. The app's remote access and control capabilities are more than remarkable. They allow me and my team to monitor and troubleshoot devices in real time, which saves us an incredible amount of time and resources.

One thing that sets AirDroid Business apart from other solutions in the market is its remarkably reasonable pricing. This is a testament to the app's value proposition, which is truly exceptional.

John Smith

IT Supervisor

As a customer support professional, I cannot emphasize how important AirDroid Business is to our team. The lightning-fast connection and complete remote assistance functions allow us to quickly resolve any client issues that arise without the need for on-site experts.

The unattended mode function is also a lifesaver. It enables us to access and control devices remotely, even when consumers are not present, which is a tremendous help in maintaining good service levels and keeping customers satisfied. It’s really the best.

Kelly Johnson

Customer Support

We are constantly on the lookout for the best remote support solution. This ground-breaking software allows us to easily access multiple clients and devices, saving us precious time, money, and headaches.

The security features are excellent, which is critical in today's fiercely competitive corporate world. We are overjoyed to have AirDroid Business incorporated into our MSP business, and the notion of going back to our old practices is simply unthinkable.

Robert Brown

MSPs Staff